After graduating with a degree in psychology, Melissa became a buyer at a major grocery store. While she loved her company, Melissa never found passion in her work. She came to the Java Bootcamp at Grand Circus, found her calling and became a fully employed Java developer. She’s now working at a company in downtown Detroit, building apps from scratch.

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After hearing about Grand Circus from a passenger on New Year’s Eve, James applied to our bootcamp. While he’d been teaching himself programming for a few years, it wasn’t enough to make his dream of being a developer a reality. For James, Grand Circus was “a launch pad for a better life.” After graduation, he landed a job working at a car company making mobile apps. Better indeed.

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The summer of 2014 was good for Vaniel. It started with him at Jiffy Lube, changing oil. It ended with his first day as an enterprise developer in downtown Detroit. After an eight-week intensive bootcamp, he was prepared to pursue his dream of working in software development.

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Demand is high for quality tech talent in Detroit.

Companies in Detroit are desperate for smart, hardworking people who can code, test software, or be business analysts. If you have the smart and hardworking part, we can give you the skills needed to fill one of the more than 10,000 IT jobs left open in 2013 alone. Our bootcamps are intense, but they give you what you need to start a tech career: technical skills, career prep, and opportunities to build relationships with local employers.

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How it all works


1. Selection

We’re looking for resourceful, hard-charging, ambitious students, so our selection process checks for those attributes. It’s how we make sure the class is full of high-potential students.


2. Bootcamp

For 6-8 weeks, students dive into exercise-heavy, lecture-light learning. We focus on the skills you’ll need to be effective from day one. Every bootcamp culminates in a significant final project that you can use to showcase your talents to employers.

Hiring Prep

3. Hiring Prep

We want to make sure you’re successful in your new career beyond just technical abilities. We dedicate time during the bootcamp to soft skills and exposing you to the “day in the life” of professionals in the field through Q+A sessions and office hours.

Career Assistance

4. Career Assistance

Our Hiring Partners typically engage with students throughout the bootcamp, but at the end of the bootcamp we arrange mixers and interviews with hiring partners to give you plenty of opportunities to talk to employers.

Career Support

Career Support

Our job isn’t done when the bootcamp finishes. We work with our alumni after you start a job with additional resources, workshops, and peer mentorship to make your career as successful as possible.

Want to check out our bootcamps?

Come to our weekly tours, Wednesdays at 1pm, or to an Open House.

Open House & Tours

The Grand Circus Career Assistance is a supportive and unique opportunity to network with prospective employers.

Tom G., Student

Grand Circus instructors are some of the best people in IT in the area, and they were a joy to spend three months with.

Matt K., Student

Our grads work at...

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • DTE Foundation
  • Marketing Associates
  • Systems in Motion
  • Title Source

Part-Time Front-End Development

October 6th - December 18th

The best of both worlds - learn Front-End Development while keeping your job! JavaScript is a programming language that nearly every website in the world uses. As a scripting language, JavaScript is very powerful. It can be used to do anything from dynamically inserting content into an HTML element, to creating smooth, complex, interaction-based transitions, to validating user input, to displaying changing data in real time.

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Java Developer Bootcamp

September 28th - November 20th

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the US and is one of the most in-demand languages from employers nationally. Whether you want to create a mobile app or learn the language used to build LinkedIn, Java is a great place to start. It’s a programming language that can scale without compromising security and handle extreme traffic. That’s why Google uses Java to handle the (on average) 40,000 searches per second.

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iOS Bootcamp with Detroit Labs

September 21st - November 13th

Grand Circus is partnering with Detroit Labs to bring Detroit an iOS Bootcamp. Students will receive technical iOS training, soft skills and job-readiness training, and will publish an app to the app store by the end of their intensive eight-weeks at Grand Circus. The class will focus mostly on Swift but will feature lessons and exercises in Objective-C as well.

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What's it like to be in a bootcamp?

We’ll allow our bootcamp graduates to tell you:

“Everything from the space in the heart of new business growth in Downtown Detroit, our excellent bootcamp instructor Jayashree Ravi, the selection process that brought together such a great group of students, and the introductions to area employers, all worked to produce an outstanding learning experience. ” - Tim

Grand Circus is “an environment that inspires you to work hard on what you want to achieve as developer. Probably one of the BEST learning environments I [have] ever been in my life.” - Donovan

“Even though the learning environment is Intense, there is a plethora of instructors to help guide and motivate you with straightforward, direct, and informative instruction.” - Bill

I work 9 to 5pm, Monday through Friday. How does the bootcamp work around my job?

We recognize the commitment is large - our bootcamps are designed for people who have decided to make a career change. Some participants have been able to continue working in the evenings; however, the time commitment for our bootcamps are large, including evening assignments and weekend projects.

What does the application process look like for your bootcamps?

After you submit the initial application, we’ll send you the second phase of our application to help us understand your skill level and get to know you better. If you move on to the final round, we’ll invite you to Grand Circus for an in-person interview! You can find more information at our Why Bootcamps? page.

What are you looking for in a candidate? What if I have no coding experience?

We expect our students to come with little to no programming experience. If you are smart, tenacious, and hard-working, then you have nothing to worry about! We want candidates that are self motivated and have a capacity to apply what they have learned and are committed to the Grand Circus program. Candidates need to commit to the work it takes to succeed in the bootcamps, including assignments at night and on the weekends.

How will Grand Circus help me get a job?

Before we start the program, we connect with local companies who are specifically looking for IT talent and want to interview students coming out of each bootcamp, whether it is Java, .NET, JavaScript or Software Testing. You’ll get to know these companies throughout the program through company sponsored lunches and offices hours, and even more will want to talk with you at the end.

What happens after the bootcamp?

Your training does not end once the bootcamp is over. As an alumnus, you will have access to our alumni programming, including seminars and networking opportunities we arrange for our alumni.

When it comes to finding a job after the bootcamp, while we can’t guarantee a job (nobody can do that), we do our very best to expose you to employers throughout the bootcamp, arrange interviews, and build relationships with local companies that are excited to take our students and grow them in their organization. Through our relationships with companies and a partnership with a local staffing company, our students have access to more than 150 local employers who want entry-level tech talent.

Are there scholarships or financing available?

Yes, there some scholarships and financing available for our bootcamps. You can find more information at our Scholarships & Financing page.

We understand that $7,500 might be a lot of money to shell out for a training program. Put into perspective, however, this is a small investment compared to the stable, in-demand career you will begin after the bootcamp. Our team at Grand Circus is focused on not just training you for a job, but providing you the skills needed to land a job once complete.

Not ready for a multi-week bootcamp?

Grand Circus has lots of opportunity to get your hands tech-dirty with some of our workshops, public cirriculum, classes, or short seminars. These are all great preparation for joining a Grand Circus bootcamp.

Events & Seminars

Check out our space and get to know us

Come check out our space, meet some instructors, or get the inside scoop from current and former students. Attend one (or all) of the many awesome events we hold here in our space, and check out where you could be training to change your career.