Grand Circus Community

At Grand Circus, we believe in having an open door to the community. That’s why we love hosting events and seminars for community members to meet other amazing people and learn from each other.

Intro to Coding Workshops (Free!)

Various Times & Locations

Lovingly called “The Traveling Circus,” our Intro to Coding Workshop is a free workshop designed for folks who are curious about coding, but who have little to no experience. This workshop is the perfect class to learn the programming foundations needed to eventually build a website or mobile app. You will leave the workshop understanding of the fundamentals needed to learn any programming language, including boolean expressions & data types. Don’t know what any of these things mean? Perfect - then The Traveling Circus is for you. All you need is an eagerness to learn and a laptop. Click the link for dates and locations, including Macomb-OU INCubator, ACCESS Growth Center and Byte & Mortar.

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August 18th and 19th, 6pm-9pm

Monica Wheat Digital & Social Media Strategist

Marketing and Social Media management can be challenging, especially with the fast pace of technology innovations and new terminology. Join us for a two-day workshop to help you learn where your business fits in the digital space. We will cover an intro to digital strategy, key channels, marketing performance measurement and more to help your business grow!

Selected participants will receive on-the-spot intel about their digital presence during live curriculum examples.

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Intro to to JavaScript

Tuesday, September 1, 6 to 8pm

Jeseekia Vaughn Front-End Developer

Programming is the key to telling one of the least intelligent items in the world (your computer) what to do and how. Contrary to popular belief, being a programmer doesn’t mean years of grueling work. All you need to start are the basics and a language of choice. We will use JavaScript, a widespread language running in all browsers and most websites active today. JavaScript is a versatile language that is easy to get started in and doesn’t require complicated setup to use. With JavaScript we will learn the basics of programming including variables, data types, logic statements, functions, and simple best practices to get you started as a programmer.

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Fall Bootcamp Open House

Wednesday, September 2nd, 5:30 to 7pm

Do you have burning questions about our bootcamps or what it means to be a developer? Are you apprehensive about the rigors of an all day, 8 week bootcamp or have questions about our curriculum and instruction? Then come to our Fall Bootcamp Open House - we’ll cover curriculum & instruction, our career support services, explain the application process and highlight the scholarships available.

Enjoy a tour of Grand Circus, meet our instructors, grab some wine, and networking with other people ready to start their tech career.

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Developer Panel with Girl Develop It! Detroit

Thursday, September 10

Whether you’re considering a career in development or have been on the job for a while, get ready to hear from Detroit developers! Find out what languages are hot, how they push through challenges when stumped, their career journey, and a typical day. From a start-up founder to a developer at a larger company, we’ve got a diverse panel of developers, including Jerry Rucker of Warranty.Ninja and Sara Gibbons of Mutually Human.

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Build a Dynamic Website

Sept 14 - Nov 23, Mon & Wed, 6pm to 9pm

James York

It’s hard to imagine a more pervasive communication device than the website. Today’s front end web developer is more than an HTML coder; to truly understand and excel in this role takes communication, programming, planning, and imagination. In this 10-week training course you will get a thorough introduction to the technologies necessary to build modern, standards compliant websites.

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Cowork at Grand Circus

Can’t get enough of us? If you are an entrepreneur with a company of fewer than 10 people, you can join our coworking space. We’ve got it all – Wifi, coffee, conference rooms, and the Grand Circus mascot, Grant Chirpus. Coworkers are also offered benefits through Grand Circus’ partners - see below for details!

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