Grand Circus Community

At Grand Circus, we believe in having an open door to the community. That’s why we love hosting events and seminars for community members to meet other amazing people and learn from each other.

Women's Resume & Networking Night

March 18, 5:30-7pm

Writing and revising a resume can oftentimes feel like going to the dentist - it’s a necessary task that should be done every 6 months or so, but between life and work, it’s often put off until absolutely inescapable. This event is designed specifically for women. With the guidance and expertise of women professionals across a multitude of sectors, we’ll spend the night revising each others resumes, reviewing LinkedIn profiles and discussing how to use social media professionally. We’ll also have an informal discussion about entry level tech careers and how different folks have made that career transition.


Grand Circus Open House

Our open houses are designed for folks interested in learning more about our upcoming bootcamps. Meet the instructor and ask questions over wine and cheese. Do you have burning questions about our bootcamps or what it means to be a developer? Are you apprehensive about the rigors of an all day, eight week bootcamp or have questions about our curriculum and instruction? Stay tuned for our next open house for our upcoming bootcamps!

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Building a Funding Strategy Seminar

March 3, 2015

Heyden Graham CFA, Senior Financial Analyst, Enterprise Development Quicken Loans

Need more ideas to build your business? As an entrepreneur, you’ve already got the idea, now you need the money to build it. But how to get it? In this class, we will cover options for funding, funding across the lifecycle: from seed to exit, building your funding plan and what resources to use. Join Heyden Graham on March 3 as he helps you navigate your companies funding strategy!

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UX vs. UI Seminar

March 24

Darren Hood User Experience Professional

In today’s professional world, the concepts of UI and UX are being used interchangeably. Many companies and professionals don’t understand the difference between the two, resulting in unsatisfactory project output, bloated budgets, misplaced and displaced personnel and more. Understanding the difference will help companies to hire and target the right people, optimize design efforts, and help professionals make sound and optimal career-related decisions.

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Detroit Coding Camp

May 4 - 15

Join Grand Circus’ Detroit Coding Camp where you’ll learn how to Build a Dynamic Website. In this course you will get a thorough introduction to the technologies necessary to build modern, standards compliant websites. Through hands on exercises and projects you will practice and perfect your front-end development skills. In addition to the course you’ll explore Detroit! Networking and happy hours are a must! This class is for college & graduate level students.

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Hacker Fellows

July 2015

The Hacker Fellows lasts one year and you’ll get to work at an amazing Michigan tech start-up. You’ll start with 6 weeks of training with your cohorts and dive into the start-up world by getting matched with a Michigan start-up. In short, you’ll learn with the best and brightest in Michigan as you start your career. An elite group of selected fellows will train downtown Detroit over the course of six weeks. During this time, Hacker Fellows will acquire the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to work for an amazing start-up in Michigan.

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Cowork at Grand Circus

Can’t get enough of us? If you are an entrepreneur with a company of fewer than 10 people, you can join our coworking space. We’ve got it all – Wifi, coffee, conference rooms, and the Grand Circus mascot, Grant Chirpus. Coworkers are also offered benefits through Grand Circus’ partners - see below for details!

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