Grand Circus Community

At Grand Circus, we believe in having an open door to the community. That’s why we love hosting events and seminars for community members to meet other amazing people and learn from each other.

Tech Talks in the Park

Thursdays at Noon, July 7th through August 27th

We’re excited to co-sponsor the Thursday lunchtime series “Tech Talks in Grand Circus Park.” There will be food trucks, live music and different lunch and learn sessions, designed for both IT industry professionals and for those of us that are lacking a little in the tech savvy department. Topics & Panelists include: Launching a Tech Start-Up, Awakening the Inner Geek, Crowd Funding, and Design Thinking. Check out the link for the schedule!

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Excel at Excel

Monday, July 23rd 6pm - 9pm

Jared Stasik Vice President at Detroit Venture Partners

This course is geared toward people who use Excel frequently, and are looking to become more efficient and effective. Investing your time in this 3 hour seminar could save you countless hours on the job. From manipulating text values, to lookups and index matching, you’ll walk out being able to utilize Excel in a way you never have.

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Intro to Coding Workshop (Free)

Monday, July 27th, 6pm to 9pm

Jeseekia Vaughn Front-End Developer

Our Introduction to Coding Workshop is a free workshop designed folks who are curious about coding, but who have little to no experience. This workshop is the perfect class to learn the programming foundations needed to eventually build a website or mobile app. While you won’t leave the workshop a developer, you will leave with an understanding of the code needed to learn any programming language, including boolean expressions & data types. Don’t know what any of these things mean? Perfect - this class is for you. Come with a laptop and ready to learn! Space is limited so RSVP soon.

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Wednesday, July 29th, 6pm to 9pm

Do you have burning questions about our bootcamps or what it means to be a Front-End Developer? Are you apprehensive about the rigors of an all day, 8 week bootcamp or have questions about our curriculum and instruction? Then come to our Open House - we’ll cover curriculum & instruction, our career support services, explain the application process and highlight the scholarships available.

Enjoy a tour of Grand Circus, some nibbles, and networking with other people ready to start their tech career.


Women's Happy Hour

Thursday, July 30th, 6pm to 9pm

Beach Bar at Campus Martius

We’re excited to co-sponsor an evening of of relaxed networking with the Detroit Bad Ass Ladies. Come and meet some new friends and enjoy the sandy beach of downtown Detroit.


Java Demo Day & Graduation

August 11th, 12 noon

We’re excited to announce that our second cohort of Java Bootcamp Students are graduating on August 11! Our students have hustled, sacrificed and overcame obstacles over the past 10 weeks an they’re excited to show you what they’ve done. Come out for some networking and a formal demonstration of their projects. Employers, prospective students and supporters are all invited.


Cowork at Grand Circus

Can’t get enough of us? If you are an entrepreneur with a company of fewer than 10 people, you can join our coworking space. We’ve got it all – Wifi, coffee, conference rooms, and the Grand Circus mascot, Grant Chirpus. Coworkers are also offered benefits through Grand Circus’ partners - see below for details!

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