How does $1,000 sound?

The Grand Circus Alumni Referral program pays YOU $500 and gives your referrals $500 off any bootcamp.

The best part… It’s super easy.

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Talk to your family and friends who might benefit from a career change into tech, are already in tech and have their sights on a promotion, or just want to learn a new skill. Support them in their journey by sharing your thoughts, bootcamp wisdom, and career changing experiences to help them prepare. 


Fill out the form below with your referral's information and we'll reach out directly to them to set up a chat with our admissions team and help them with the decision making process.


If your referral ends up applying, enrolling, and graduating from bootcamp, we'll issue you your referral bonus!


Repeat! We'll gladly accept as many referrals as you can make!

Tell us about your referral!


  • All referrals must be new applicants to Grand Circus.
    • Individuals who have attended an "Intro to Coding" workshop or submitted an application prior to January 2021 are not eligible to be considered.
  • Referrals must be students who are paying full tuition(*)
    • (*) Full tuition-paying students do include students who receive the Diversity Scholarship.
  • Alumni who refer the candidate will receive a $500 cash bonus upon graduation from bootcamp.
  • There are no limits to the number of referrals.