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About Grand Circus

About Grand Circus

Grand Circus is a learning institute that teaches high-demand technology skills and connects the region’s employers with exceptional talent. Our 12-and 26-week software developer bootcamps produce graduates with the latest technical knowledge and soft skills required to thrive in the region’s growing tech sector. We also offer advanced workshops and reskilling and upskilling solutions for companies of all sizes. 

Since launching in 2013, Grand Circus has maintained strong partnerships with big tech and local government entities to ensure that our students are receiving the latest and most advanced training. To date, more than 1,600 bootcamp graduates now work at more than 300 companies across the region. 

We also champion a variety of initiatives to advance our mission of making a tech career universally accessible. Grand Circus is one of ten Google for Startup North America tech hubs and partners with Facebook, Detroit at Work, TekSystems, the Grand Rapids SmartZone and Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation to provide a mix of funding and high-impact programming.


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