Meet Our Coding Bootcamp Instructors

Our Instructors

We recruit bootcamp instructors for Grand Circus that have a passion for tech, deep knowledge of programming languages, and a supportive coaching style. These people have major cred!

Your Instructor: Kamel Rushaidat

Lead instructor Kamel Rushaidat has taught several classes of our bootcamp students in Java and .NET/C#. A researcher in the field of high-performance computing, Kamel has spent the last ten years of his career as a software engineer and technical trainer at universities in the U.S. and Jordan. Most recently, he served as a software developer and graduate researcher at Wayne State University. An enthusiastic instructor, he received his Bachelor of Science and Masters in computer science from Jordan University of Science and Technology. He also completed his PhD in computer science at Wayne State University in 2015.

When he’s not up to his elbows in code, Kamel enjoys movies, basketball, cross country trips, robots, and fancy chocolate.

Your Instructor: David Wolverton

Seasoned Java and web technology developer David Wolverton joined Grand Circus to share his passion with a new generation of developers. After getting his bachelor’s degree in computer science from Taylor University in 2007, he’s spent the last ten or so years as a web analyst, website designer and developer. A career highlight? He worked on the Hibernate Generic DAO, an open source framework for common DAO patterns with Hibernate. David lives in Hamtramck where he loves being surrounded by people from many countries and cultures.

Your Instructor: Peter Guenther

We’re pretty sure no one knows Java better than Peter Guenther. After more than ten years teaching it (along with other programming languages) at both the high school and college levels, he joined Grand Circus. He says the only thing he misses about high school is giving detentions.

Peter taught adjunct graduate courses at Wayne State University, University of Michigan – Dearborn and Lawrence Technological University. He received his Masters of Education in instructional technology at Wayne State University.

When he’s not surrounded by Grand Circus students, he likes to build Lego projects, get creative with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and lead the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy robotics team to national competitions.

Your Instructor: Jeseekia Vaughn

A full-stack developer, mechanical engineer and lifelong Detroiter, Jeseekia Vaughn began her journey into programming when she took the Grand Circus Intro to Web Development class. After completing her mechanical engineering degree at Wayne State University, she became enamored with development and continued her education with Square’s Code Camp and the Grand Circus Java Bootcamp. We witness her passion for teaching programming languages in everything she does.

Currently, Jeseekia sits on the board of directors for Girl Develop It, Detroit where she is also a much-loved instructor. If you ask her what else she’s passionate about besides code, she’ll tell you all about her comic books and gaming marathons.

Your Instructor: Antonella Solomon

A software developer, entrepreneur and natural problem-solver, Antonella Solomon graduated from the Grand Circus Java Bootcamp, where she discovered she had a passion for programming and teaching others to code. Before joining our team, she received a grant from BizdomU and was named a “Visionary of Detroit” by CNN Money for co-creating a start-up that trained insurance agents for licensing exams. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. A passionate supporter of Detroit’s revitalization, Antonella truly believes that anyone can learn to code and she’s living her commitment to training Detroiters for tech careers.

Your Instructor: Maurice Tedder

Maurice Tedder had been involved in programming and tech for more than 10 years before he joined Grand Circus as a teaching assistant. Starting his career as a Java developer at Covansys, he went on to become an IT consultant at Compuware and a technology instructor at Kidpreneur LLC. When he’s not teaching, he’s programming computers, building electronics, printing 3D stuff and creating robots. His three happiness requirements are coding, science fiction and music.

Your Instructor: Sheila Deskins

For more than twenty years, Sheila Deskins has been programming and developing applications for some of metro Detroit’s most esteemed corporations. A lifetime Michigander (or is it Michiganian?), she earned her Bachelor’s degree in electrical, electronic and computer engineering from University of Michigan and a Masters in Administration from Central Michigan University. She is currently focusing on increasing the number of developers here in her home state.

Your Instructor: Kim Driscoll

Director of Learning Kim Driscoll came to Grand Circus as a committed educator and a knowledgeable leader. Basically, it’s her job to ensure we deliver high-quality employment-focused programming training to our students. She guides our Learning Team through her obsession with feedback and knack for instructional strategies.

Kim also develops new curricula and courses, so that we continue to serve the evolving needs of our community, our employers and our alumni. Kim received her Master’s degree in education. Fortunately for us, you won’t find her locked up in her office. Kim’s usually mingling with Grand Circus staff and students at our Community Table.

Your Instructor: Aisha Blake

Front End developer and Grand Circus instructor Aisha Blake is passionate about building great websites and web accessibility. After graduating from NYC’s Fordham University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, she came to Detroit as a Jesuit Volunteer at Detroit Cristo Rey High School. There, she taught teams of girls to create websites and build and program robots. Currently, Aisha is on the board of directors of Girl Develop It, Detroit , where she teaches workshops including intermediate HTML and CSS and responsive design.

When she’s not coding, you’ll find Aisha working on her new home in Detroit or singing karaoke.