A Day at the (Grand) Circus

Group work at separate tables


8:41 AM: With the swipe of a badge, the front door opens, and I enter the main space.  Another morning at Grand Circus, another pot of coffee to brew.  I get everything going prior to the onslaught of under-caffeinated bootcamp students. Bootcampers from various classes slowly trickle in, ready to start a new day. Conversation is abuzz as co-workers, GC staff, and students all chit-chat about their full day ahead.

10:06 AM:  Students are settling into classes. Breakfast is digesting.  Keys are clacking. Everyone is busy at work, attending meetings, closing deals, and getting stuff done. I am settled into the cozy stoop corner, perched at the community table, or maybe holding down the front desk. Either way, equipped with my water bottle and headphones, I am working away on course material for our classes.


12:00 PM:  Everyone’s hungry, so that means it’s time for lunch. Learning can’t happen on an empty stomach after all. We break off into groups, and head our respective ways.  Some head off to Bucharest (a fool-proof choice), others get their healthy on at 7 Greens, and others head down to Campus Martius to see what delicious food truck options await.

IMG_62521:28 PM: Oh no! Food coma is sweeping through the office! Good thing we have a nice supply of coffee & snacks on hand. After a post-lunch refuel, students get back to coding, and GC (Grand Circus) staff gets back to phone calls, giving tours, or – of course – meetings.

3:52 PM: Almost there!  Students are working in teams, applying the skills they learned that day. The office is alive with conversation, as visitors come and go to check out the space or inquire about joining a bootcamp. GC Staff are still doing their thing, recruiting new students, creating new curriculum, planning exciting events. Everyone is hard at work, dead set on finishing strong at the end of the day.IMG_5944

5:00 PM: We did it! Students have completed a long but rewarding day of learning. GC Staff has checked off items on their to-do lists. We made and consumed countless pots of coffee. Everyone is ready to go home! Of course, not before stopping by downtown Detroit for some fun, relaxing, happy-hour bonding.