Take their word for it: Paying for bootcamp—It can be done

Paying for bootcamp—It can be done

This post is the second of our alumni perspective series, “Take Their Word for It” where we ask alumni common questions. 

Joining a coding bootcamp is an investment in your future career. This decision has helped hundreds of graduates achieve a vibrant life with a fulfilling and stable job.

For many incoming students, figuring out the finances can be the biggest hurdle to starting. The biggest question on every incoming student’s mind:

How can I afford a coding bootcamp? 

Every person’s financial situation is different, and it’s important to make this investment in a way that makes sense for you

Even with all of the available resources and options, this is a big commitment financially. We hope that by providing stories of how past students paid for their bootcamp, this may offer you insights into how you can put together the best options for yourself. 

Hey alum, how did you pay for your coding bootcamp? 

Loans and Financing

“I chose to finance the bootcamp through one of the offered avenues via Grand Circus. My main advice is acknowledging that this is an investment in your future, so focusing on eventual return on investment is important.  Never walk away from a financially lucrative opportunity just because of a relatively smaller financial barrier to entry.” 

Kassie Jones
Java Grad, Software Engineer at Amber Engine 

I took a loan from one of the lenders Grand Circus is partnered with. I would recommend to anyone taking a loan to try to take the least amount of money they can. They give you the option to set extra money aside from the tuition but that money comes with more interest. Also, if you have someone you trust and they trust you, like your parents or spouse, cosign with them; that will bring your interest down a lot.”

George Almonte
Front-End After-Hours Grad, Development Support Intern at Oplogic

“I took out a Student Loan offered through Grand Circus, and made sure to have some money saved to cover misc expenses (gas, food, etc). The loan covered my tuition and bills during my bootcamp.”

Michael Gleeson
Java Grad, Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Detroit Labs 


“I was able to finance it out of personal savings. Plan ahead! the more you can finance out of pocket, the less stress you will have later on when you are looking for a job.”

Andre Otte
C# .NET Grad, Web Development at BizStream

Scholarships and Grants

“I was fortunate enough to receive a DEVELOP(her) scholarship but considered a personal loan or one through a lending partner for Grand Circus. But, I stayed on top of what scholarships were available and when. It took over a year and a half until it all worked out. In the meantime, I was saving to be able to take a bootcamp in the future. It’s an investment for sure, but I know that the return will be quicker and pay itself off in the long run with my new career trajectory.”

Samantha Mazzola
C# .NET Grad, Software Developer at United Shore

Overall, students use a blend of personal savings, loans, and grants or scholarships to pay for bootcamp. Every student’s background is unique and our classes are diverse, so no two financial situations are the same. The point is: Grand Circus will work with you to advise on the best mix of financing for your situation.

Financing your bootcamp shouldn’t hold you back. To finalize a financing, scholarship and loan package that’s doable for you, talk to us! We offer a Diversity Scholarship as well as reasonable and fair financing options that will help you make the investment.

How soon does the investment pay for itself?

How quickly the investment pays for itself really depends on your current income, the terms of your loan package, your other expenses and your income after bootcamp. On average, our graduates earn $52,000 at graduation and $83,000 within four years, a sizable salary increase even after graduation. Some of our alumni have chosen to keep their living expenses limited and paid back their loans within one year. It is possible. 

Graduate salaries graph

Learn more:

If you’d like to talk about your unique financing situation, apply so we can learn more about your background: Apply now.

When you do, you’re automatically considered for our Early Application discount (depending on the timing of your application), our Diversity Scholarships, the Auto Industry Scholarship, and a variety of other scholarships like Rising TIDE for residents of Grand Rapids and Develop(HER), a partial scholarship for women.

Learn more about the financial resources available to support your learning journey here. Income share agreements are available if you qualify too.

A big thank you to all of the alumni who candidly shared how they made the investment. If you’re worried about affording a bootcamp, remember—there IS a way. Whether it’s applying for our scholarships, reaching out to a local organization for potential support or taking out a loan, don’t let the cost deter you from investing in your future!