Alumni Wisdom Series: Our Favorite Coding Resources

Whether you’re new to programming or already working in tech, coding resources to continue your growth are vital. A coding bootcamp is a great learning experience, but your growth as a programmer should always continue. Learning new skills after graduation is essential, both on the job and independently. There are a world of free and affordable resources available to developers just like you. Here are a few alumni favorites!

What are your favorite online resources to stay up to date on tech, or problem-solve projects you’re working on?

I use the Mozilla Developer Network to look up code-related info and rely heavily on Stack Overflow for troubleshooting or quick solutions.  I subscribe to both the React and JavaScript newsletters and rely on meetups and fellow developers to introduce me to new concepts and tech and investigate when I can.  I *highly* recommend the Grand Rapids JavaScript and GRWebDev meetups, as well as special weekend events such as Beer City Code and Google I/O.”

–  Sloth I, Facebook Front-End 2017, Grand Rapids


I use YouTube and LinkedIn a lot.

–  Ariana Waller, C#.NET 2017, Grand Rapids


I still take classes on Udemy all the time to sharpen my existing skills or learn new ones.

– Megan Boczar, Java 2017, Detroit!

– Josh Buteyn, C#.NET 2017, Grand Rapids


Stack Overflow and the Grand Rapids Slack channel are my two go-tos for questions I have and keeping up on the latest updates.

– Tori Boone, C#.NET 2017, Grand Rapids


I enjoy taking classes on Udemy or Pluralsight. There are so many resources out there!

–  Christopher Namyst, Java & Facebook Front-End 2017, Detroit


CodeNewbie (Podcast & Twitter) and The Practical Dev (on Twitter).

– Christina Lee, Front-End 2017, Detroit

“My LinkedIn is a pretty good source when it comes to getting information about the different things going on in tech. is also extremely helpful if I’m working on a project and get stuck on something I don’t know or remember how to do.”

– Michelle Williams, Front-End 2017, Detroit

I love email newsletters! Benedict’s newsletter is my favorite for tech-related news. I also stay in the GC slack channel for general updates, and classes through Udemy, Udacity, Lynda and Pluralsight for when I need to learn a new skill.”

– Karina López, DEVELOP(her) 2017, Grand Rapids


Looking for support in learning a specific language? Here are a few of GC’s free favorites:

Thanks for the recommendations, alumni! Hopefully these resources prove helpful in your journey to becoming a developer. Have any suggestions we missed? Drop them in the comments below.

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