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Employer Highlight: Quicken Loans

August 13, 2018

When preparing for a new job, it is always important to make sure your training and experience matches the needs of your future employer. That is especially true in the tech world, as companies are looking for developers that can begin making an impact and adding value to their team from day one. In order Read more →

From Acquisition Manager to Java Developer, Meet Michael

May 14, 2018

Working as an acquisition manager, Michael Riley saw firsthand the rapid growth the tech industry has to offer. Michael worked closely with technical teams to recruit developers, and got a behind-the-scenes view at what companies look for when hiring new tech talent. After nearly a decade on the recruitment side of the industry, Michael was Read more →

How to Earn a Career in Tech

April 25, 2018

The tech industry is growing rapidly. By 2024, careers in computer-programming will increase by 27%. That’s four times more growth than the job market as a whole, according to the U.S. Labor of Bureau Statistics. Careers in software development are also among the highest paying, with local coding bootcamp grads making an average salary of Read more →

From Property Manager to Developer, Meet Shug

June 21, 2017

Update:  Shug is now a Developer at Students in each coding bootcamp come from an array of backgrounds, professions and life experience. This classroom composition creates a supportive environment for all of our students, and allows the uniqueness of each student really shine. I’m excited to be doing this blog feature on Shugmi Shumunov, Read more →

Let’s Celebrate 2016

November 23, 2016

It’s hard to believe it that 2016 is drawing to an end. Whew, what a year – am I right? This year, we’ve have an awful lot to be thankful for. It has been a great year of growth for us… for our community… our city… our team.. and as a company. In January, I Read more →

Meet Landall, Career Advisor turned JavaScript Developer

November 15, 2016

Update: Landall is now an OnSite Software Developer at Detroit Labs. Here at Grand Circus, our family is constantly growing. We are so fortunate to have students that get so invested in our programs that they continue working with us to support new tech enthusiasts long after their programs have graduated. Meet Landall Proctor, a Read more →

7 Tips to Increase Workforce Diversity

October 1, 2016

At Grand Circus, our committed to diversity is embedded in everything we do. From our core values to student and employee recruitment, we work hard to ensure we’re recognizing talent from every background. We’ve spent much of this year working closely with various organizations, such as Code2040, to identify new ways we can improve as a team and Read more →

9 Books About Detroit That We Love

March 24, 2016

Detroit has a rich history filled with stories of challenge and triumph. There are so many brilliant individuals that have worked hard to make our city what it is today. In part 4 of our Detroit blog series, we’re highlighting some of our favorite narratives on Detroit and its history. These novels encompass firsthand experiences, historical reviews Read more →

Our Favorite Detroit Attractions, Suggestions from Grand Circus

March 17, 2016

We love Detroit. We live, breathe and work in this city. Many of us call Detroit home. This city is bursting with interesting places to visit. In Part 3 of our Detroit blogging series, we’re sharing some favorite Detroit attractions and why we love them!