13 of the Best Detroit Restaurants and Bars

Burger from Detroit bar and restaurants

Burger from Detroit bar and restaurants

Detroit is filled with amazing eateries and bars. From Detroit classics, like the Coney Dog, to Southern Classics, like BBQ ribs, there’s something for every palate. It’s no secret that the Grand Circus crew loves food. Today we’re sharing some our recommendations on the best Detroit Restaurants and Bars. Check out our favorites and share some of your own!

13 of the Best Detroit Restaurants and Bars 

one of the best Detroit restaurants and bars
Woodbridge Pub, picture from Facebook.

Woodbridge Pub, recommended by Maurice Tedder (Instructor)

It’s my neighborhood bar and it feels like Cheers when I go there. They also have a cool Monday night “Slow Jams” dance party.

Bucharest, recommended by James York (Instructor)

We’re currently mourning the loss of our downtown Detroit location of Bucharest, but the Grand Circus team has enjoyed many shawarmas from this grill. Check out other locations and keep an eye out for the restaurants’ East Jefferson outpost opening soon.

Katoi, recommended by Celena Mancina (Director of Operations)

It used to be a food truck, then a pop up at Two James and in Ann Arbor. Now they’re opening a brick and mortar in Corktown. Asian fusion deliciousness—amazing, must try asap.

Green Dot Stables, recommended by Tricia Haslinger (Operations Manager)

$3 appetizers, sliders and desserts plus $3 drinks­—what more could you ask for?!

In the winter months, I highly recommend their clam chowder with sriracha. In the summertime, go for their super refreshing Summer Soda. And all year round, both the wedge salad and bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato and house-made BBQ sauce are musts!

Batch Brewing, recommended by Kim Driscoll (Director of Learning)

It’s a great quiet place to hang out and catch up with friends but still has a a fun, laid-back atmosphere. It has delicious beer and lots of great snacks to order. Pro-tip about Batch Brewing – you need to get the pretzels. In fact, go ahead an order 2 rounds to be safe. So good.

Grand Circus JavaScript Instructor
Grand Circus instructor James York showcasing his karoke skills at Cadieux Café

Cadieux Café, recommended by Aisha Blake (Technical Content Manager)

They have the best karaoke I’ve ever experienced! Wednesday nights after 9pm, it turns into this magical place where the regulars, far from being cliquey or exclusive, welcome you into the fold (and provide you with entertainment). The food is tasty, especially the garlic sauce with their fries. If you want to get up and move (beyond dancing at the mic), they also have two feather bowling lanes. To my knowledge, this is the only place in the U.S. to feather bowl.

Taqueria Lupitas, Giovanna’s & St. Cece’s, recommended by Aaron Wolff (VP of Operations)

Get the al Pastor tacos. El Rey – get the half chicken or ribs dinner at Taqueria Lupitas. Giovanna’s is great in the summer—sit out on the back porch. St. Cece’s in the winter—sit by the amazing fireplace.

Pies inside Third Street Bar in Detroit Mi
Dangerously Delicious Pies inside Third Street Bar

Cass Café and Third Street Bar, recommended by Jennifer Cline (Marketing Manager)

Cass Café is a beautiful mix of food, spirits and art. The walls are covered with unique artwork and they regularly host art receptions and events. Plus, the food is divine. Try the Five-Cheese Grilled Cheese. Third Street Bar has a rustic atmosphere, cheap drinks and Dangerously Delicious Pies is located in the back of the bar. Added bonus: the bar has an old school Skee Ball machine and a great outdoor space. If you’re looking for a low-key place to hang out, go early. It can get pretty packed with college folks in the evenings.

Tequeria Lupita’s in Southwest Detroit, recommended by Chioke Mose-Telesford (Director of Community Programs)

When I moved to Detroit, Lupita’s was one of the first places I stumbled across on my own. It’d been a long time since I’d lived in a city with authentic Mexican food so I was skeptical. Was everything going to be covered in cheese? Would the hot sauce be mild? Nope. Everything was (and still is) so good. Bring cash though; no credit cards accepted!

Le Petit Zinc and Wright & Co, recommended by Anna Farr (Operations Coordinator)

Crepe at Le Petit Zinc
Crepe with apple, spinach, brie, turkey or ham at Le Petit Zinc, picture from Facebook.

It really depends on the time of day for me. For breakfast/brunch, Le Petit Zinc offers amazing crepes that I would eat everyday if I could! Located in Corktown, they have an authentic French vibe that is absolutely adorable. My favorite thing to order? The savory Jambon Et Formage (Ham & Cheese) crepe. Yum!

Detroit is home to many wonderful eateries and while it is hard to pick just one for dinner, Wright & Co. stole my heart at first bite. Not only do they have delectable shared plate options, but their craft cocktails are some of the best I’ve ever had. My ideal meal at Wright & Co., located in the heart of Downtown Detroit, would be their Rosemary-Infused Bourbon cocktail (which appears that they have gotten rid of) and a full spread of small plates to share with friends.

Do you have a favorite? Tell us your opinions on the best Detroit restaurants and bars in the comments!