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Tips for Filling out a Coding Bootcamp Application

Are you wondering how to make your application stand out?  Curious what our Admissions team looks for? Our hope is this blog can send you in the right direction in creating the best application possible!  

Our coding bootcamps prepare students for a complete career change into tech.  Many of our students start in entry-level Software Developer roles after graduation.  Our bootcamps cover lessons in both technical skills as well as career search prep, through our career services team. We’ll explore three different ways to ensure you’re leaving the best impression in your application process: Preparation, Logistics and Things to Consider.

Grand Circus’ Tips to Complete an Awesome Coding Bootcamp Application

Preparing to Apply

From the beginning to the end of your journey, taking bootcamp seriously is imperative.  This journey starts before you even apply! In applications, we look for students that have taken the time to put themselves on the right path to be a successful bootcamp student. When preparing to fill out your application responses, think about these questions and how you can incorporate the answers into your application:

  • Why is Grand Circus a good fit for you?
  • What characteristics and traits make you a good fit for a coding bootcamp?
  • What inspires you to have a career in tech?
  • Are you passionate about learning to code?  What is your reasoning for wanting to attend a bootcamp?  If coding is not something you believe you’re truly passionate about, you must consider if you will be happy in a career in technology.  
  • Have you had any coding experience (of any kind!)? If not, you might want to consider taking one of our free classes or a workshop with us. Although they aren’t required to apply, it’s a great step in preparing!

Other ways to prepare include doing your research on Grand Circus and Coding Bootcamps, our blog is a great place to start!  

Taking a free class or workshop first to get a feel for our classroom.  Taking a class with us can help you to understand the Grand Circus learning environment and if coding is right for you.  Getting a feel for our classroom can also help you determine if a Full Time Bootcamp or After Hours Bootcamp is best for you.  Full Time Bootcamps run are 12 weeks long, Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm, After Hours Bootcamps run for 26 weeks, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 6:30pm – 10pm.  Both bootcamps cover the same amount of content, After Hours tends to be a better option for those who hope to keep their current full-time positions while attending a bootcamp.

Logistics of the Coding Bootcamp Application

The details matter!  Although it might not seem like it, small things like spelling, grammar and using complete sentences can impact your application.  Small details will help the first impression our application team has of you. A few small tips that will make a huge difference:

  • Take your time, don’t rush through the process and think about your answers carefully.
  • Fill out the application on a desktop or laptop, rather than a mobile device.
  • Have someone review it and read it over, it’s always helpful to have an extra set of eyes before you press submit!

Things to Consider before a Coding Bootcamp

Becoming a bootcamp student can be a big adjustment and major time commitment, thinking through these questions can help determine if you’re ready to apply.  Bootcamps take a lot of work beyond the walls of the classroom, so there are logistics to consider to make this possible.

  • What will you do if your application is accepted?  At this time, you should start to think about life planning, financing, career options and beyond.  Think about how your life is going to change while attending a bootcamp with us, what obstacles might you have to overcome?  
  • This is our very first impression of you as a student.  Often times short answers with little to no details cannot provide us enough information to begin to get to know you.  Think about how you can portray who you are in the application, what is going to make you a good student at Grand Circus?
  • Have you had coding experience?  If so, make sure that’s portrayed in the application.

We’re looking forward to reading your awesome applications!  If you have any questions, reach out to us at