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Meet Melanie, Java Coding Bootcamp Graduate

August 14, 2017

When Melanie Myers decided to switch careers she made sure that everything added up before taking the plunge. That’s because she was an accountant!

Her attention to detail throughout the Java bootcamp labs made it clear that she has a knack for attention to detail. She always worked hard to figure things out on her own first, but also had the courage to ask for help when necessary. As with any intensive learning environment, Melanie also had a few setbacks along the way but she persevered and now has a fulfilling career as a developer. 

Meet Melanie, Accountant Turned Java Developer


Detroit In Tech: Justins-In-Tech

July 10, 2017

This month we’re featuring two millennial entrepreneurs of color, and their work in the Detroit tech industry. Our entrepreneurs are two Justins-in-Tech! From connecting college students to jobs, to providing marketing to increase the sustainability of local companies, these two Detroit entrepreneurs of color are working for more than just their own gain.

Let’s begin with Justin Dunn at Increase Branding & Design:

What do you do when you discover a personal talent? Do you ignore it? Or do you work on it in order to perfect your skill and use it to open other possibilities? Well, that’s just what Justin Dunn did! Read on to learn how to turn your talents into your next career move. (more…)

Startup Spotlight: SPLT

October 26, 2016

Commuting to work can be tough. Waking up at the crack of dawn and setting out alone to battle miles of gridlock traffic, detours, and red lights isn’t exactly how you’d like to start your day. Plus, the further you live from work, the more costly this daily adventure can be. But what if there was a better way to travel that saved you time, money and most importantly, your sanity?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet SPLT–––a startup based in the Motor City that is changing the commuting game oneMeet the SPLT team! car pool at a time. Through its  mobile app and partnerships with ride-sharing companies like Lyft, SPLT is helping make everyone’s journey to work more efficient and less stressful.

In addition to the company’s great idea, SPLT also holds a special place in our hearts at Grand Circus as an alumni company from our co-working space (they grow up so fast!). Since then, SPLT has gone on to participate in our statewide Google Demo Day and then made it to the nationwide Google’s Demo Day in Mountain View, California. SPLT has received numerous awards and funding prizes at events across the country.

With the energy behind the ride-sharing industry continuing to grow, we had to check in with our friends at SPLT to see what was new. In order to learn more about their mission and vision, we talked to SPLT’s Founder & CEO, Anya Babbitt.


Our Summer With Grow Detroit’s Young Talent

August 29, 2016

Grand Circus is proud to be involved in the 2016 Grow Detroits Young Talent program

At Grand Circus, we’re always looking for new ways to put Detroit first. That’s why we jumped headfirst into the opportunity to be involved in this year’s Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Program (GDYT), which helped employ more than 8,000 youth this summer.

Now wrapping up its third year, GDYT connected Detroit youth aged 14-24 with six weeks of valuable paid work experience, professional development and skills training to help set them up for future success. With over 200 employers and 600 job sites, the program offered participants a wide range of experiences and a first-hand look at how businesses operate in the city. Over the six weeks, interns received anywhere from $8.00-$9.25/hour for 20 hours a week at the workplace with an additional 12 hours of professional development.

Now you may be asking yourself, “where does our coding bootcamp magic come in to all of this?”


7 Fun Things to do in Detroit Before Summer Ends

June 29, 2016

There are so many fun things to do in Detroit. But where to start? The summer is my favorite time to get out on my bike and explore. Here are seven ideas to get you started. Trust me, there are a lot more!

Corktown Strut Festival

A music, art and food festival held in Detroit’s historic Corktown. The three-day festival will take place from July 1-3. Multiple venues in the neighborhood will host various DJs, bands, restaurants, tastings and more. Some sponsors include: Two James, Batch Brewing Co., and Tequila Cabresto.

Summertime Fun Things to do in Detroit

Photo Credit: Kyle Sammy


DEVELOP(her), A Free Coding Bootcamp for Women

May 31, 2016

Update: This blog post was written about our 2016 program. Applications are now closed. 

On July 18, we’ll kick off DEVELOP(her), a coding bootcamp for women in the Detroit and Flint communities. DEVELOP(her) is an innovative program that will allow us to find, train and unleash 20 female developers into the world. So why a bootcamp just for women?

Let’s take a look at some stats to explain. Women dominate the workforce and universities in the U.S. (57% for both), but when we look at representation in tech, women aren’t equally represented. Women are just 25% of the computing workforce. For those of us who decide to pursue a career in tech, less than 50% stay in those tech roles.   

Free Coding Bootcamp for Women

There’s clearly a missing link. In elementary and middle school, women have just as much interest in science, math and tech as their male counterparts. I’m sure you’ve heard this narrative. Somewhere between high school and college, a large number of us pursue a different path whether it’s because of a lack of exposure, misinformed beliefs or not seeing any STEM sheroes.


5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit

April 1, 2016

The city of Detroit has gotten a lot of publicity in recent years about opportunities for companies, particularly those in the tech space. Downtown Detroit has become increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs, business owners and startups. In Part 5 of our Detroit blogging series, we’re exploring reasons why having a business in Detroit just makes sense. This guest blog post was written by Gabe Kwakyi, a coworker at Grand Circus and Co-Founder & CEO of Incipia

Incipia enjoys having a business in detroit

When it came time to start our brand new app development and marketing business, the initial thought that my co-founder, Gregory Klein, and I admittedly had was to move to California and join the tech rush. Yet, after we took some time to think more rationally about it, we decided instead to move back to Detroit to start our business. Both my partner and I were born and raised in the metro Detroit area, giving us a slightly biased viewpoint on staying in the area. That being said, there are five key reasons, besides being from the area, as to why we love having our business in Detroit.

5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit


9 Books About Detroit That We Love

March 24, 2016

Detroit has a rich history filled with stories of challenge and triumph. There are so many brilliant individuals that have worked hard to make our city what it is today. In part 4 of our Detroit blog series, we’re highlighting some of our favorite narratives on Detroit and its history. These novels encompass firsthand experiences, historical reviews and some outspoken opinions from writers we love.

best Detroit books, stack of books

9 Books About Detroit That We Love


13 of the Best Detroit Restaurants and Bars

March 9, 2016

Burger from Detroit bar and restaurants

Detroit is filled with amazing eateries and bars. From Detroit classics, like the Coney Dog, to Southern Classics, like BBQ ribs, there’s something for every palate. It’s no secret that the Grand Circus crew loves food. Today we’re sharing some our recommendations on the best Detroit Restaurants and Bars. Check out our favorites and share some of your own!