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Employer Highlight: United Shore

April 4, 2019

United Shore Mortgage LenderUnited Shore has become an influential part of our Grand Circus Employer Network and family.  Throughout the years, our partnership with United Shore has grown and evolved, and we’ve loved watching so many of our grads start flourishing careers there. In fact, an amazing 60+ Grand Circus graduates have started their careers in tech with the United Shore team. Each cohort, that number continues to increase!

In 2018, our partnership reached a new level of impact when United Shore sponsored one of our C# . NET bootcamps, guaranteeing interviews to all graduates of their bootcamp. Because of their high need for tech talent and consistent hiring of our grads, the growing mortgage lender was ready to get more involved in the process to recruit and train new software developers. Nearly 60% of that C# cohort was immediately hired by United Shore, and they even selected some Java graduates to join their growing team.

Beyond their tremendous involvement with us, there is more that makes United Shore an amazing partner for Grand Circus.  A culture that is unparalleled by most and phenomenal training program truly sets United Shore apart from similar companies.  

Learn More About United Shore and Their Commitment to Growing Great Tech Talent:


Employer Highlight: CBI

November 13, 2018

CBI, Cyber Security Solutions has been a great part of our Employer Network.  CBI has extended offers to both Front End and Back End Grand Circus students.  CBI puts an emphasis on hiring those that are effective problem solvers and communicators.  On top of attending our Demo Days, CBI has conducted a company Info Session for Grand Circus students in every cohort of 2018.  We sat down with CBI’s Janae (Bajorek) Brosko, Academy Training and Development Manager, to learn more about CBI and get advice on careers in tech.  

How would you describe CBI and what does your team try to solve?

CBICBI is a Detroit-based, leading cyber security solutions company. We utilize teams of really smart people to provide full-lifecycle security solutions to clients in all different industries, all over the country. We bring an assessment-led approach and unique customer first perspective to assessment, implementation, and management of security solutions. (more…)

Employer Highlight: SolvIT

October 24, 2018

SolvIT is a global technology solutions provider that deliver award winning IT innovations. Whether you need to secure your systems and applications, move to the cloud, or develop a whole new technological tool, SolvIT has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to implement a custom technology solution that meets all of your requirements.  We sat down with HR Manager, Denise Seruga, to talk more about SolvIT and careers in tech. (more…)

Employer Highlight: Atlas Coast

October 1, 2018

Traci MarceroAtlas Coast is a staffing firm that specializes in the placement of Information Technology employees. Atlas Coast is an ever-growing collection of relationships, created through constant interaction with members of the IT and business community who believe that in order to make a good fit, they need to know the candidates whole story.

We got the chance to chat with Traci Marcero, Senior Technical Recruiter at Atlas Coast, an employer of Grand Circus alums, to talk about the growing tech industry and their experience with us.   (more…)

Employer Highlight: Quicken Loans

August 13, 2018

Quicken Loans logoWhen preparing for a new job, it is always important to make sure your training and experience matches the needs of your future employer. That is especially true in the tech world, as companies are looking for developers that can begin making an impact and adding value to their team from day one. In order to ensure our bootcamp students are gaining the skills they need to succeed, we work in close collaboration with our employer network, like Quicken Loans.

We recently caught up with Teresa Wynn, Senior Vice President of Technology at Quicken Loans to discuss what the company looks for in their programmers the impact Grand Circus grads are having in the workplace. The mortgage lender employs dozens of GC alums, and we love watching their careers grow in one of Detroit’s most renowned companies.  (more…)

5 Misconceptions About Hiring a Coding Bootcamp Graduate

July 23, 2018

The most daunting challenge for companies today – acquiring and retaining skilled talent. We are in the middle of a digital transformation with companies from all industries investing more in technology.

According to a report by PWC titled The Talent Challenge, “HR has much to prove” with 66% of CEOs surveyed stating that they felt their HR team is not well-prepared to capitalize on current transformational trends.  

Add in immigration challenges, the small amount of computer science degrees graduating each year in comparison to the number of technology-related job openings and you can see why executives and HR alike across the US are worried about how they will meet these business challenges.

With the demand for technology hires accelerating, coding bootcamps are increasingly the solution for talent acquisitions teams across the country. In fact, over 250 tech companies have hired a Grand Circus bootcamp graduate in the Great Lakes area, including Quicken Loans, Meridian, Spectrum Health, GE Digital, Herman Miller, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, GM, Ford, Fathead, Ally Financial, Autobooks, United Shore and many more. (more…)

Employer Highlight: Spantree

May 3, 2018

Collaboration can often be the key to creativity. That’s why we love getting to know other tech companies making an impact in the industry, like Spantree! A Chicago-based boutique consultancy, the folks at Spantree are lovers of everything data and help companies create software solutions for the web.

At our Grand Rapids campus, we recently had the pleasure of sharing co-working space with a few members of their remote staff. They were extremely kind, sharing insight and experience with bootcamp students, and beers with us at the day’s end. We caught up with Dan Lindeman, Spantree Software Engineer and resident Grand Circus friend, to learn more about his experiences as a developer and what it takes to join the Spantree team. (more…)

Employer Highlight: Chameleon Power

April 12, 2018

In today’s fast-moving tech world, it can be difficult for companies to keep up and ensure their technologies match the needs of their customers. Enter Chameleon Power.

As an industry leading provider of web and mobile visualization and design technologies, Chameleon Power is helping companies bring their products and services to life. Their work helps create virtual showrooms and provide seamless connection between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. To make this all possible, Chameleon relies on a talented and innovative team of developers, including a group of Grand Circus grads!

To learn more about their company and what advice they would give to someone thinking about starting a career in tech, we caught up with Chameleon Power’s CTO, Ned Kalinovic, and two GC Bootcamp graduates on the team, Jennifer Naasz and Eric Arbour. (more…)

Employer Highlight: Pillar

February 14, 2018

Pillar’s Ann Arbor office has played an important role in the growth of Michigan’s tech industry.

Building a talented and diverse tech workforce  is one of our biggest goals at Grand Circus and something that influences all aspects of our company, especially our hiring partners. That’s why we love our friends over at Pillar!

A national leader in technology consulting, Pillar has been developing innovative solutions and helping create a more diversified tech industry for over 20 years. Better yet, they’re always looking for talented developers to join their team! They’ve been a strong supporter of our students, often making time to visit the classroom, hosting events in our space and hiring many of our graduates. 

We recently caught up with two Pillar team members, Joe Schoch and Colleen Geyer, to talk about their company and what advice they would give to someone thinking about starting a career in tech. (more…)

Employer Highlight: Accenture

January 29, 2018

Accenture now employs 5 coding bootcamp grads: Matt, Kevin, Stephanie and Carlos. Since this blog was written, Accenture has hired TechHire Java Bootcamp Grad, David V.

Student success is our success. We’re proud to partner with more than 300 employer partners that hire our graduates.

As our students begin the job search, we always recommend they research individual companies and establish what kind of business they’d like to work with.

In this blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes at Accenture. Their team shares insights on what it takes to be successful as a software developer, skills they look for when recruiting and more.

Our partnership with Accenture began in 2017, and the company now employs five fantastic coding bootcamp grads. We’re excited to see this partnership strengthen, and hope these insights will help future bootcampers prepare for the job hunt. (more…)