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5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit

April 1, 2016

The city of Detroit has gotten a lot of publicity in recent years about opportunities for companies, particularly those in the tech space. Downtown Detroit has become increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs, business owners and startups. In Part 5 of our Detroit blogging series, we’re exploring reasons why having a business in Detroit just makes sense. This guest blog post was written by Gabe Kwakyi, a coworker at Grand Circus and Co-Founder & CEO of Incipia

Incipia enjoys having a business in detroit

When it came time to start our brand new app development and marketing business, the initial thought that my co-founder, Gregory Klein, and I admittedly had was to move to California and join the tech rush. Yet, after we took some time to think more rationally about it, we decided instead to move back to Detroit to start our business. Both my partner and I were born and raised in the metro Detroit area, giving us a slightly biased viewpoint on staying in the area. That being said, there are five key reasons, besides being from the area, as to why we love having our business in Detroit.

5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit


6 Reasons You Should Rent a Coworking Space in Detroit

February 25, 2016

The basic principles of coworking go way back. Centuries ago artists and writers participated in collectives that likely looked a lot like what we now call coworking. For the uninitiated, coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike the typical office environment, a coworking space is generally shared by individuals from different organizations and professions.

Detroit coworking space at Grand Circus

A recent study estimates that by 2020, more than 40% of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be independent workers. With this growing freelancer economy, a rise in dedicated coworking spaces makes sense. But what are the benefits and why should you consider renting a desk in a Detroit coworking space?


What I Learned About Grand Circus in my First Month

February 18, 2016

Did you know… Did you know, in 2018, 89.1% of full-time bootcamp graduates were employed within 180 days of graduation?

It’s one of many things I’ve learned about Grand Circus since starting a month ago. This tech hub in the heart of Detroit is a busy space with a lot going on. Even if you get our monthly email newsletter and follow us on social, it can be easy to miss some of the fantastic projects happening here. For someone who is just starting with the company, it can be a lot to take in. But the more I get to know about Grand Circus, the prouder I am to be a part of it.

photo of the Grand Circus team in Detroit Michigan

(I’m the one on the bottom right)


Code Retreat: A Day to Practice Clean Code

October 14, 2015

One of the ideals we strive for and try to impart to our students at Grand Circus is clean code. Clean code is a broad topic deserving it’s own series of posts, but in brief, code is clean if it exhibits all of the following characteristics:

  • Passes all tests (you are writing tests right?)
  • Is as simple as it can be (KISS)
  • Does not repeat itself (It’s DRY)
  • Focused (functions and classes do one thing only)

Our Front-End Bootcamp practicing clean code at our coderetreat

That’s a lot, I know. As I said, clean code is a big topic. That’s why we spend a lot of time talking about refactoring code to a cleaner solution. Often your first pass at a solution is ‘sub-optimal’ which is a polite way of saying it smells. But that’s okay, writing code is like writing an essay. You make a first pass then you start editing (or refactoring in our case). Labs and projects are not always the best places to practice refactoring in a focused way because the stated goal is to get something working and having something that works is not always the same as having a solution that is clean. (more…)

A Day at the (Grand) Circus

September 14, 2015


8:41 AM: With the swipe of a badge, the front door opens, and I enter the main space.  Another morning at Grand Circus, another pot of coffee to brew.  I get everything going prior to the onslaught of under-caffeinated bootcamp students. Bootcampers from various classes slowly trickle in, ready to start a new day. Conversation is abuzz as co-workers, GC staff, and students all chit-chat about their full day ahead.

10:06 AM:  Students are settling into classes. Breakfast is digesting.  Keys are clacking. Everyone is busy at work, attending meetings, closing deals, and getting stuff done. I am settled into the cozy stoop corner, perched at the community table, or maybe holding down the front desk. Either way, equipped with my water bottle and headphones, I am working away on course material for our classes.


12:00 PM:  Everyone’s hungry, so that means it’s time for lunch. Learning can’t happen on an empty stomach after all. We break off into groups, and head our respective ways.  Some head off to Bucharest (a fool-proof choice), others get their healthy on at 7 Greens, and others head down to Campus Martius to see what delicious food truck options await. (more…)