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Detroit In Tech: Justins-In-Tech

July 10, 2017

This month we’re featuring two millennial entrepreneurs of color, and their work in the Detroit tech industry. Our entrepreneurs are two Justins-in-Tech! From connecting college students to jobs, to providing marketing to increase the sustainability of local companies, these two Detroit entrepreneurs of color are working for more than just their own gain.

Let’s begin with Justin Dunn at Increase Branding & Design:

What do you do when you discover a personal talent? Do you ignore it? Or do you work on it in order to perfect your skill and use it to open other possibilities? Well, that’s just what Justin Dunn did! Read on to learn how to turn your talents into your next career move. (more…)

Startup Spotlight: Jewel

June 28, 2017


Living in Detroit comes with all sorts of little-known perks. For instance, hearing about up-and-coming Detroit startups before the rest of the world. One such startup is Jewel. Founder Andrew Landau developed a clever way to connect luxury retail with online shopping, while saving shoppers money. Plus, he donates 1% of sales back to charity.

Let’s take a closer look at Jewel by talking to its founder, Andrew Landau:

What is your startup all about?

Jewel is a luxury, ecommerce, loyalty site. We help customers earn money by shopping at their favorite luxury brands. Customers who shop through Jewel earn cash-back on all of their purchases. (more…)

Startup Spotlight: Varsity News Network

April 18, 2017

In sports and in business, communication is key. But when it comes to high school athletics, it isn’t just the players on the field, track or court that need to be in constant contact. Athletic department need to keep parents, coaches and fans in the loop of everything happening with their teams. But how?

Enter Varsity News Network (VNN), a Grand Rapids-based startup that aims to connect communities with their local high school sporting teams. With their easy-to-use mobile applications and online software, athletic departments can update schedules, scores and roster information with a click of a button. Founded in 2011, VNN has grown to include 1,500 partner schools across the U.S., including 200+ in Michigan. (more…)

Why Cowork at Grand Circus? Just Ask ellell & co!

March 10, 2017

Leeann Drees and Laura Eagin of ellell & co. joined the Grand Circus coworking family in Summer 2016. To say it’s been a treat to have them in our space is an understatement! While monthly massages certainly keep them excited to come in on Fridays, Leeann and Laura have both been super involved in the Grand Circus community and are a great addition to the Detroit’s Madison technology Block. Read on to find out more about friends founding a company together and how Detroit has fostered its growth. (more…)

Startup Spotlight: PhotoUp

January 19, 2017

Check out our feature on PhotoUp!

The saying is true: a picture IS worth a thousand words. That’s why Grand Rapids area company PhotoUp
knows how important images are to a company’s brand and public perception. Founded in 2012, the business provides photo editing solutions to help real estate photographers deliver stunning images that capture the attention of customers. With a team in Grand Rapids and an additional editing team in the Philippines, PhotoUp has experienced substantial growth since it was founded and looks forward to continuing its success in the future.

In order to learn more about the business and the role Grand Rapids plays in its success, we caught up with PhotoUp VP of Marketing, Devon Higgins.       (more…)

Startup Spotlight: Fathom Drone

December 13, 2016

Meet the team from Fathom!

What mysteries await below the waves? Thanks to a new startup in the Grand Rapids area, exploring the depths of the sea, or just your local pond, just got easier. Fathom Drone offers the world’s first affordable modular underwater drone, allowing users to explore depths of up to 150 feet with stunning 1080p quality video. Similar to aerial drones, Fathom’s underwater model is controlled via a mobile app or a physical controller and can capture HD video and pictures that users can share directly to their favorite social media channels. Thanks to the Fathom Drone’s streamline design and the manufacturing methods, it is able to offer the Fathom One model for the price of $600.


Startup Spotlight: SPLT

October 26, 2016

Commuting to work can be tough. Waking up at the crack of dawn and setting out alone to battle miles of gridlock traffic, detours, and red lights isn’t exactly how you’d like to start your day. Plus, the further you live from work, the more costly this daily adventure can be. But what if there was a better way to travel that saved you time, money and most importantly, your sanity?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet SPLT–––a startup based in the Motor City that is changing the commuting game oneMeet the SPLT team! car pool at a time. Through its  mobile app and partnerships with ride-sharing companies like Lyft, SPLT is helping make everyone’s journey to work more efficient and less stressful.

In addition to the company’s great idea, SPLT also holds a special place in our hearts at Grand Circus as an alumni company from our co-working space (they grow up so fast!). Since then, SPLT has gone on to participate in our statewide Google Demo Day and then made it to the nationwide Google’s Demo Day in Mountain View, California. SPLT has received numerous awards and funding prizes at events across the country.

With the energy behind the ride-sharing industry continuing to grow, we had to check in with our friends at SPLT to see what was new. In order to learn more about their mission and vision, we talked to SPLT’s Founder & CEO, Anya Babbitt.


Startup Spotlight: Saga Marketing

September 30, 2016

What a time to be alive. The entrepreneurial spirit is thriving across the state of Michigan, especially in cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids. At Grand Circus, we’re proud to be a part of the excitement. With hundreds of rising startups and small businesses right in our backyard, it’s not hard to find new growth. Detroit’s recent startup boom and Grand Rapids’ thriving entrepreneurial community are further proof that we’re a state full of makers, doers and innovators.


5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit

April 1, 2016

The city of Detroit has gotten a lot of publicity in recent years about opportunities for companies, particularly those in the tech space. Downtown Detroit has become increasingly attractive for entrepreneurs, business owners and startups. In Part 5 of our Detroit blogging series, we’re exploring reasons why having a business in Detroit just makes sense. This guest blog post was written by Gabe Kwakyi, a coworker at Grand Circus and Co-Founder & CEO of Incipia

Incipia enjoys having a business in detroit

When it came time to start our brand new app development and marketing business, the initial thought that my co-founder, Gregory Klein, and I admittedly had was to move to California and join the tech rush. Yet, after we took some time to think more rationally about it, we decided instead to move back to Detroit to start our business. Both my partner and I were born and raised in the metro Detroit area, giving us a slightly biased viewpoint on staying in the area. That being said, there are five key reasons, besides being from the area, as to why we love having our business in Detroit.

5 Reasons We Love Having Our Business in Detroit