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From Recruiter to Back-End Developer, Meet Milliza

March 23, 2017

Meet Milliza!Milliza joined the Grand Circus family as a Java coding bootcamp student in October 2016. While still in
bootcamp, Milliza was offered a position at
United Shore as part of their Developer-X program, where she is currently undergoing training in .NET alongside 18 fellow Grand Circus alums, including five of her classmates and graduates from previous Java, DEVELOP(her) and .NET (C#) cohorts. While we miss having Milliza in the space, it’s great to know that she’s surrounded by so many familiar faces!

Read on to learn more about Milliza’s journey from a tech talent recruiter, to a developer herself. (more…)

A Mission to Diversify the Tech Industry: DEVELOP(her)

November 30, 2016

I first discovered Grand Circus when I heard about the Apprenticeship Program, a course that provides non-traditional pathways to high-demand tech careers for those underrepresented in the industry. My first thought was, “Where can I find a job that allows me to make a real change that will impact my community?”. Lucky for me, Grand Circus was hiring!


Front-End Alumnus Spotlight: Landall Proctor

November 15, 2016

Here at Grand Circus, our family is constantly growing. We are so fortunate to have students that get so invested in our programs that they continue working with us to support new tech enthusiasts long after their programs have graduated. Meet Landall Proctor, a graduate of our August 2015 Front-End coding bootcamp.

More than a year after his bootcamp ended, Landall continues supporting the Grand Circus community by sharing his insights, wisdom and coding knowledge. He’s contributed in tech Meet Grand Circus Alum Landall!panel discussions, taught our Traveling Circus workshops and is constantly available when we need some alumni expertise. And lucky for us, he works just two doors down the road as a JavaScript developer! It has been great watching him grow his coding skills and seeing him share that with the community. I’m very excited to introduce you to one of our rockstar alumnus! (more…)

From Teacher to Java Developer, Meet Chelsea Gallagher

November 4, 2016

Chelsea Gallagher Grand Circus Front-End Alumnus

What’s more stressful than final projects in a coding bootcamp? Final projects while planning a wedding! That’s right, Chelsea Gallagher planned a wedding all while being a student in our June 2016 Java bootcamp! In addition to this, Chelsea took extra initiative to find a tutor so she could brush up on her skills during the weekends. With this type of drive, she was the first student to secure a full-time position in her bootcamp where she now works as a system developer for PCE Systems. Get to know Chelsea’s complete story in our blog! (more…)

Tell us how you #DefineTheNerd

October 28, 2016

You’re such a nerd.

Yes, you sitting there reading this blog. But not in the way you think.

For too long, the word “nerd” has been getting a bad rap. When most people think of the term, a simple, and often stereotypical, image comes to mind. As a company that works to train the next generation of tech employees, we see the effects of this unfortunate stereotype all too often. People often pigeonhole “techies” and developers with the dictionary definition of the word “nerd.” (more…)

Java Alumni Spotlight: Quinn Hamilton

July 7, 2016

I’m super excited about introducing a wonderful Java Bootcamp alumni today, Quinn Hamilton. Quinn is originally from Detroit, and came to Grand Circus looking to make a career change from an entrepreneurial background. I remember Quinn staying late, coordinating study groups with her fellow bootcampers and being an amazing culture captain for her cohort. She contributed to an awesome final project on her Demo Day and has been knocking it out of the park as a software engineer in Troy since graduation. Learn more about Quinn’s experience from her own words below.

Grand Circus Bootcamp Alum Quinn Hamilton


Front-End Alumni Spotlight: Yasmine Abdulhamid

June 16, 2016

One of my favorite parts about working at Grand Circus is getting to know students as they begin the process of changing careers. As the Director of Learning, I’m lucky enough to get to hang out with all of the students in all of the programs. Getting to know Yasmine was especially exciting for me though, not just because she’s amazing, but because we both share a background in teaching. So when I was given an opportunity to put the spotlight on an alumni, she was my obvious choice!

Yasmine is originally from Farmington Hills, MI and took our Front-End Bootcamp in October of 2015. I’m so excited to share more about her background, her bootcamp experience, and her incredible advice to prospective students.

Grand Circus Alumni Yasmine Adbulhamid


Student Spotlight: Alex Bozinovic

January 14, 2016

Alex took our Intro to Web Development Course Series – Part I, covering HTML & CSS, and Part II, covering JavaScript & JQuery. Get to know Alex and learn what his thoughts on the class!

Man coding with a dog

What keeps you busy during the day?

I work for Quicken Loans on the Marketing Team (specifically the email team) as a Front-End Email Developer. I write the HTML code for all of the emails that we send at QL.

Why’d you take the class in the first place?

I was interested in updating my HTML skills with HTML5 and getting a stronger understanding of Javascript and JQuery to hopefully move into more of a web developer role possibly.

Did you have any experience in coding or programming before?

Yes I did. I began taking Computer Science courses at Wayne State University 3 years ago and got about halfway through the program. I’ve also made WordPress websites for friends and family in the past.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself during the class?

It has been a while since I’ve written higher level code, and working with Javascript surprised me how many general coding “best practices” I retained.

Do you look at technology differently now?

Technology is a little less intimidating now, but on the downside, some of the “magic” was also lost.

What’d you end up building?

I built a website for me to display show dates for my fledgling stand up comedy career. [You can check it out here or a snapshot below.]

A snapshot of Alex's website

Now that you’re done and created a website, any plans to continue?

I want to clean up the site I built in class and make it better, but also I want to start dipping my toes into the pool of becoming a professional web developer.

Have you used your skills since the class ended?

I use the HTML portion of the class daily in my current role with Quicken Loans. I still tinker with Javascript and JQuery in my free time at home.

What are your thoughts on Grand Circus?

Grand Circus is a great low pressure place for people to kick start their careers in IT!

What You Can Learn at Grand Circus: A Student Spotlight

December 7, 2015

Ever wonder what our students are able to create after taking an evening class at Grand Circus? Are you curious why someone with a full-time job would spend the evening learning how to code? Learn more about Devon, a student who learned HTML & CSS, as well as JavaScript and JQuery this summer.

Final Website of Devon

What keeps you busy during the day?
I work at Quicken Loans on IT Support for our Capital Markets team. I work with our business partners and our developer squad to improve the websites that host our guidelines for Servicing and Origination.

You took a Web Development class. Why’d you take the class in the first place?
I wanted to walk the walk, and talk the talk. I am constantly working with others on web development projects, so this class was an amazing opportunity for me to build my fluency in that language.

Did you have any experience in coding or programming before?

What was the most surprising thing you learned about yourself during the class?
It really sank in that I was obsessive with details. I could have wasted days designing CSS and html.

Do you look at technology differently now?
Oh yeah. You don’t realize how much effort goes into the tiniest of details.

At the end of the class, students all build a website to showcase the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery they learned. What’d you end up building?
I built a mock-up website for my mom’s new property ventures. (See the website here.)

Now that you’re done and created a website, any plans to continue?
Yes! I have unfinished business with Javascript.

Have you used your skills since the class ended?
All the time at work.

Anything else you’d like to say?
To all who wish they broke into technology or coding when they were younger, or when they were full-time students, take this class! Seize the moment! I walked in to this class feeling like Hansel from Zoolander when he thinks the files are literally inside of the computer… I walked out with valuable skills that will help me build my career.