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What You Can Learn at Grand Circus: A Student Spotlight

December 7, 2015

Update: New workshops are being offered and you can find them here.  

Ever wonder what our students are able to create after taking an evening class at Grand Circus? Are you curious why someone with a full-time job would spend the evening learning how to code? Learn more about Devon, a student who learned HTML & CSS, as well as JavaScript and JQuery this summer.

Final Website of Devon

What keeps you busy during the day?
I work at Quicken Loans on IT Support for our Capital Markets team. I work with our business partners and our developer squad to improve the websites that host our guidelines for Servicing and Origination.

You took a Web Development class. Why’d you take the class in the first place?
I wanted to walk the walk, and talk the talk. I am constantly working with others on web development projects, so this class was an amazing opportunity for me to build my fluency in that language. (more…)

After the Bootcamp: A Day in the Life of a Bootcamp Alum

September 3, 2015

Update: Antonella now works for Grand Circus as a Java Instructor.

An entrepreneur at heart, Antonella joined our Java Bootcamp in February after a career in insurance. After building a company from scratch, Antonella decided to take the leap into a career in technology, a love she had since early school. After graduating, Antonella nabbed a job building software for Milliken Millwork.

antonellaWhat does a typical morning look like at your job?
A typical morning at my job usually consists of a small 5-10 minute meeting (sometime between 8-8:30am) to discuss our objectives for the day and anything that we think may be a problem or we may need additional help with. The rest of the morning is usually spent working on any projects that we need to work on. (more…)