Community First: [Remotely] Supporting You During This Time

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Here at Grand Circus, we’ve creatively embraced chaos and change since our start. It’s one of our core values, and our dedication to doing that is even stronger in these unprecedented times. We want our community to know – we’re in this together. 

We’re working alongside each of you to connect resources, people and ideas. 

A lot has happened in the last few weeks and is likely to keep happening for some time. This is an update on the many things the GC team has been working on to continue supporting you. 

To those thinking about joining bootcamp, and joining tech 

We recognize many people are painfully affected by COVID-19, and now seems like an even more uncertain time to make a career shift. Making a career change can be scary no matter what’s happening in the rest of the world. If you’re looking for a sustainable career, the tech industry can provide you with a wide range of great opportunities. It’s our mission to connect students throughout Michigan with employers, and help you improve your quality of life through bootcamp. Right now, this mission couldn’t be more relevant. 

In light of Governor Whitmer’s executive order and maintaining the safety of our community, we have decided to announce that our Q2 April 2020 Full-Time and After-Hours bootcamps will be fully remote until the COVID-19 virus has been controlled to a safe level.

For months, our teams have been training to launch a remote bootcamp model and are ready to support you in this transition. We understand this shift may feel uneasy for some prospective students. We assure you that the Grand Circus family-first, community experience provided in our in-person bootcamps will continue with the remote model. 

“Instructors are trained and already executing the remote bootcamp model. We’re excited and grateful to be able to offer this model to prospective students, during the current outbreak,” explained Peter Guenther, Director of Learning. “It’s a great way to practice the remote work that developers already experience on a daily basis.”

How to Grow: Free and Accessible Introductory Workshops

We’re excited to offer remote free and low-cost introductory workshops that have helped hundreds of bootcamp students jumpstart their journey into tech. The need for social distancing won’t stop our dedication to your learning. 

“We care about your safety, and we aren’t giving up on your career goals! Free remote intro to coding workshops are now available, as well as remote introductory workshops to Front-End, Java, and C#,” explained Patti Wheeler, Grand Circus Events & Workshop Manager. “We believe anyone can be a developer, and that means you. Live workshops are still supporting your educational and growth journey. You don’t have to give up or go it alone.” 

Register for upcoming dates:

“Every prospective students’ story is different, and each financial need is unique. We’ve crafted several options and want to provide a solution that makes sense for you.” Ian Washington, Director of Admissions.

New Financial Support

For prospective students that need financial support to help with the cost of bootcamp tuition, we’ve created new options and have been working diligently with our finance partners to increase financial support wherever possible. 

“Community relief is our main priority, we’re looking for as many innovative ways to help as we can,” said Damien Rocchi, Grand Circus CEO. “Right now, remote workshops to help you get ready for a tech career, the community relief scholarship and removing the deposit barrier are the primary ways we’re removing barriers to a career in tech.” 

Community Relief Scholarship

This scholarship covers half of bootcamp tuition for anyone whose job or livelihood is threatened due to the recent outbreak. We consider you our family, and family sticks together in times of need. To apply for the relief scholarship, mention 

“We’re working with individuals to find out what you need financially and technically, and how we can help you. For April and July bootcamps, the financial assistance is here for anyone who wants it,” explained Ian Washington, Director of Admissions. “Have patience with us getting back to you as we are fielding a lot of requests right now, but please do reach out if you have any challenges that you think will prevent you from using a bootcamp to your advantage. We are pulling out all the stops to make sure there aren’t any barriers between you and getting into tech”

Rising TIDE Grant 

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For prospective students considering a Grand Rapids bootcamp, the Rising TIDE grant is available for those meeting certain requirements. 

“We’re grateful to be able to offer bootcamps to those in need. Between the Community Relief and Rising TIDE scholarships, you can get your bootcamp covered,” said John Rumery, Grand Circus Grand Rapids Campus Director. “We do believe that anyone can be a developer, and that the tech community should be as diverse as our at home communities. We welcome all walks of life and backgrounds into our bootcamp, and hope you make use of the alumni support system here.” 

Extended loan options

Our team has been working closely with various partners to ensure finances are not a barrier for incoming students. Because so many prospective students are temporarily without employment, our partners at CLIMB have increased the living expense stipend. Learn more about these new changes and ongoing options on our Finance page

“We’re gonna come out on the other end of this better than we were before,” Jason Scott, 2016 Java Graduate

To alumni

Your continued dedication to the next generation of programmers have empowered us to make rapid changes to better serve our growing family. We thank you for that. 

Some of you have been busy setting up new home offices, upskilling on telecommunication systems and adjusting to remote life. Others were already working in this capacity. One of the great parts of the tech industry is its flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Our graduates continue to show us what’s possible and that employers are still eager to grow and support their teams. 

If you’re a GC grad adjusting to remote life, post a picture on social with #DesksOfGC and let us know how you’re doing!

To the entire Grand Circus family 

Our community has already strengthened as we collaborate on ways to support each other. We thank everyone who has stepped up and asked how they can help. From previous instructors to community partners, we appreciate the outreach and are excited to work alongside you as we make new strides to grow the tech industry.