DEVELOP(her), A Free Coding Bootcamp for Women

Update: This blog post was written about our 2016 program. Applications are now closed. 

On July 18, we’ll kick off DEVELOP(her), a coding bootcamp for women in the Detroit and Flint communities. DEVELOP(her) is an innovative program that will allow us to find, train and unleash 20 female developers into the world. So why a bootcamp just for women?

Let’s take a look at some stats to explain. Women dominate the workforce and universities in the U.S. (57% for both), but when we look at representation in tech, women aren’t equally represented. Women are just 25% of the computing workforce. For those of us who decide to pursue a career in tech, less than 50% stay in those tech roles.   

Free Coding Bootcamp for Women

There’s clearly a missing link. In elementary and middle school, women have just as much interest in science, math and tech as their male counterparts. I’m sure you’ve heard this narrative. Somewhere between high school and college, a large number of us pursue a different path whether it’s because of a lack of exposure, misinformed beliefs or not seeing any STEM sheroes.

I think about myself as a kid—in addition to dancing (during softball games) and singing (really anytime I could), my idea of fun was having my siblings write me math “homework.” I now do a lot of really cool things in my job and majored in something I was wholeheartedly interested in, but math and science aren’t a part of my day to day. I know I’m not the only one with a similar story.

Grand Circus created DEVELOP(her) because we believe the best way to change the narrative about women in tech is to take action. DEVELOP(her) will increase the number of women in the tech industry and support them as they grow in their technical roles. We have three incredible partners who also believe that the tech industry should reflect the diversity of our communities. Through the generosity of The Hagerman Foundation and TEKsystems, this program is completely free to participants. The initial class will consist of 20 women who will receive 10 weeks of training followed by early career mentorship through the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. (MCWT, by the way, Women working at Grand Circusis on a mission to make Michigan the place to be for women in IT.)

We have a growing list of employers excited to support DEVELOP(her) by attending office hours and networking events and ultimately, hiring the graduates. (Want me to add you to the list? Just let me know.) Just this week, a company CIO asked me, “Can we hire 5? Today?”  

And what better communities to focus on than Detroit and Flint? As Jocelyn Hagerman, co-founder of The Hagerman Foundation stated, “Flint and Detroit are experiencing rapid growth in the tech sector and encouraging women to be a part of that growth is vital in creating a flourishing, diverse tech industry. This bootcamp is just the first step in a progressive effort for greater inclusion and advancement.”

Applications are now closed for this program. Interesting in joining a full-time, tuition-based bootcamp? Check out our Bootcamps page

Learn more about our incredible partners for the DEVELOP(her) program:

About The Hagerman Foundation

The Hagerman Foundation is a non-profit organization based in downtown Flint, MI. Its mission is to empower people through relationships that foster an impact for good and to support organizations that promote education, life skills, entrepreneurship, ministry, counseling, and the arts in surrounding communities.

About TEKsystems

Since great people are at the heart of every successful business initiative, our unmatched relationships with the best IT professionals provide a strong foundation for our full suite of services. We offer IT staffing solutions, IT talent management expertise, and IT applications, infrastructure and education services. Each service is scalable, meaning we meet our clients where they’re at today, and take them where they want to go.

About Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation strives to inspire and grow women in technology fields, with an aspirational vision to make Michigan the No. 1 state for women in technology. The organization supports Michigan’s female IT workforce, students, corporate partners, schools and the overall community with programming, scholarships, networking, learning, mentoring, and technology experiences. 

Find more information at and connect via LinkedIn and Facebook.

More Info on MCWT


I am the Director of Community Programs at Grand Circus. I build programs aimed at diversifying the tech industry, introducing youth to coding and building workforce training programs for Detroit residents.

11 thoughts on “DEVELOP(her), A Free Coding Bootcamp for Women”

  1. Angelia says:

    Do you guys offer online enrollment?

    1. While our application process is online, all of our classes are on-site, instructor-led courses.

  2. Tiffany Arnold says:

    Who can I contact regarding information on the enrollment dates for 2017?

    1. Hey Tiffany. Thanks for reaching out. We don’t have dates identified for the next DEVELOP(her) cohort, but will likely be reworking how scholarships are done this year. The best way to get updates about that is to sign up for our newsletter (sign up is found on the bottom of our website).

      – Jenn

  3. Saadia Shavers says:

    Saadia A. Shavers

    March 14, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m.

    I am very interested in participating in boot camp program. How and who can I contact for more information on how enroll for 2017 ?

    1. Hi Saadia. Thanks for reaching out. You can get more information on our coding bootcamps on this page:

      Specific to the DEVELOP(her) program, we’ve restructured how that works in Detroit. We now offer scholarships to select women that can be applied to our tradition bootcamps. Applications are currently closed for that, but we’ll have more opportunities later this year. More info can be found here:

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!

  4. Hi Lorraine –
    You can find more about our coding bootcamps here:
    We have info sessions and intro to coding workshops at least once a month. Both are great resources to get more familiar with Grand Circus, our programs and our process.

    Feel free to reach out to me directly at

  5. Anita says:

    Hi I am interested in joining the developer free boot camp course.. can u please assist me in this.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Anita –
      Thanks for reaching out.

      We don’t have anything in the schedule for this right now, but you’re welcome to sign up for our newsletter (found in the footer of our site). We’ll send a notification out if any other scholarship-based programs arise. We do, however, have a diversity scholarship, which can make our traditional coding bootcamps more affordable. You can learn about that here:

  6. shaloo says:

    I will be interested in technology Boot Camp. I want to enroll in the 12 weeks course. Please help/guide me here. Thank you

    1. Hey there.

      Thanks for reaching out. To learn more about our tuition-based programs, you can visit this page:

      We do recommend you know basic programming before enrolling in our program, and we offer an array of resources to help you with this. If you’ve never coded before, start by taking our Free Intro to Coding workshop. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at

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