Do Coding Bootcamp Students Get Jobs?

Students in Class Learning

Great question! And the answer is yes, Grand Circus Bootcamp students do get jobs.

During the bootcamp, we tell students to start their job hunt when they’re half way through. This way, they can have interviews locked down during the bootcamp and can schedule more for right after they graduate. Many of our students have signed offer letters before they graduate!

Students in Class Learning

Where are students getting these jobs?

We have placed students at over 100 companies!

Just to name a few…

We help students through the entire career-finding process and work hard to ensure they find a job they truly love. We follow up with them in 30, 60 and 90 day surveys after graduation to better understand where they’re at. Through these surveys, we’re able to compile valuable data for future students and offer more assistance and support in exactly what our students need.

Not all Grand Circus grads go onto a developer role, there are a lot of options in the tech industry.

About 80% of all of our bootcamp students go to work as developers after graduation. The remaining 20% will go into Business Development, QA Testing, Business Analyst, Program Manager, Freelance roles, internship positions, or other non-development specific roles.

Not all of our grads stay in Detroit after they graduate either—or even stay in Michigan for that matter. We have graduates that live and work in New York City, D.C., Portland, Chicago and more. We even have students that come to Detroit specifically for a Grand Circus Bootcamp. Students have traveled far and wide from countries like Germany, Taiwan, and Mexico.

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How do Bootcamp students find jobs?

Hustle, network, hustle some more, and make valuable connections in the tech industry. We encourage students to attend at least three meetups during the bootcamp. This is how you’ll meet people in the industry, meet mentors, connections and friends and learn about potential jobs. Students are lucky—Grand Circus hosts 2+ meetups per week.

I encourage students to really highlight their passion for their career change, their hustle to get a job and prove that they’re a great candidate. Time and time again employers tell me they hired a certain student not because of their technical skills, background or education, but because they could feel their passion for technology and their career change, they saw their hustle to get the job and rock at it!

How does Grand Circus Prepare Students for the Job Market?

Grand Circus does a lot to help students get ready for the interview. We host soft skills sessions in Resume & LinkedIn Prep, Interview Prep & the Job Search, Technical Interview Prep, and how to craft your elevator pitch. Our goal is to make sure each student is prepared for the job hunt and ready to show his or her best possible self to employers!

The most nerve racking part of the job search is the actual interview. If you think you’re not a good interviewer, practice, practice, practice! If you have to, fake it until you make it! Confidence, passion and hustle are the most important things (see, there those words are again).

Who are Grand Circus Students?

We believe that anyone can be a developer. Our students range in age, background, ethnicity and education levels. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you know, you can learn how to code.

As far as demographics go, 39% of our students are people of color and 42% of our students are women. Our students range from 18 years old to 65. We have had people travel from all over the country, even Europe and Asia to take bootcamps. We believe the tech industry, and our classroom, should reflect the diversity of our community.

Check out the student portal to see who has graduated from our past bootcamps.

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What do students do once they get the job?

Keep hustling! See the pattern here? Never stop hustling after getting the job. Our students are constantly learning new skills, and growing personally and professionally. You may land a job as a developer that requires you to learn another language or multiple languages. This is a good thing! The more languages you know, the more valuable you are.

Grand Circus also offers other courses, seminars and workshops, and events to help grads continue advancing their skills. These classes will help further their technical skills too. They can sign up for a SQL Workshop, a C++ Seminar or one of our other evening workshops—the goal is for the alumni to continue growing.

Grand Circus hosts quarterly alumni events and happy hours to bring grads back together. We’ll have swag and class raffles, drinks, snacks, music and even dancing! We believe in a “when you’re here, you’re family” mentality and want all of our students and alumni to feel a part of the community.

Return the favor. What does this mean? Someone most likely helped you along your journey transitioning into a new career, so help someone too! Grand Circus organizes alumni visits throughout the 10 weeks. Alumni come back and speak to current classes, connect with students, and help mentor and coach them through the bootcamp and job hunt. You can also volunteer to teach or TA an Intro to Coding Workshop or a Girl Develop It! (GDI) class.

Do Coding Bootcamp Students Get Jobs? Yes, they do! And they’re getting jobs everyday.