Our Favorite Detroit Attractions, Suggestions from Grand Circus

Detroit skyline photograph

We love Detroit. We live, breathe and work in this city. Many of us call Detroit home. This city is bursting with interesting places to visit. In Part 3 of our Detroit blogging series, we’re sharing some favorite Detroit attractions and why we love them!

Detroit skyline photograph

Our Favorite Detroit Attractions

Evening lighting at Campus Martius
Campus Martius, photo taken by Kim

Local contemporary art galleries and the DIA, suggested by Maurice Tedder. The DIA is cool but it is always good to check out some of the fresh local art talent.

Campus Martius, suggested by James York. They have free live music during the summer!

Belle Isle and Temple Bar suggested by Celena Mancina. In the summertime: Belle Isle – amazing in the summer to ride bikes, run/walk, beach, canoeing/kayaking – all over greatness. For an evening spot: Temple Bar – if you’re into dancing to fantastic local Detroit DJ records, this is your place. Great parties too!

Honey Bee Market in Mexicantown, suggested by Tricia Haslinger. It’s a one-stop shop for groceries, the best guac in town and cases of Topo Chico.

Belle Isle, suggested by Kim Driscoll. Going to Belle Isle isn’t only about all of the cool old things on the island, or that I can (maybe illegally?) let my dog off leash, or that I get a killer view of downtown Detroit – I love going to Belle Isle because I love the act of getting there. I always bike or walk my dog up the Riverwalk and get to see all the little parks, the carousel and lots of gorgeous looking waterfront lofts. Belle Isle is just such a great place for me to easily satisfy my need for the outdoors when I’m overwhelmed by city cement.

Having fun in Clark Park, one of Detroit attractions
Friends hanging out in Clark Park. Photo taken by Aisha.

Clark Park, suggested by Aisha Blake. Clark Park is a gathering place in Southwest Detroit for all kinds of people. It’s a place for picnics, pick-up soccer games, impromptu performances, cat naps, block parties and other community events. The park is surrounded by a bunch of great businesses including Cafe Con Leche, La Michoacana and Mexicantown Bakery.

Belle Isle, Clark Park, DIA, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, suggested by Aaron Wolff

Belle Isle, suggested by Chioke Mose-Telesford. Such a hard question! But I guess Belle Isle has to win out. I didn’t grow up here (born and raised in the city of Seattle), but my mom was raised in Michigan. We came her twice as a kid and all I remember is a giant slide. When I came back as an adult, my (now) husband and I went to Belle Isle as our first Detroit excursion (he’s from here), and I immediately had flashbacks to my childhood. I spend many a sunny day biking or running in Belle Isle, checking the conservancy, jumping in the water or golfing at the mini-course. Our wedding was actually on Belle Isle because of our love of the island – the ceremony was at the Livingstone Lighthouse (the only marble one in the nation!) and the reception was at the Flynn Pavilion.

Flower Day at Eastern Market, a Detroit attraction
Jennifer enjoying Flower Day at Eastern Market

The Fillmore, the Riverfront and Eastern Market, suggested by Jennifer Cline. I love a good concert, and the Fillmore is a great venue in the city. I love all of the theaters and music halls here; their history and architecture are unique and beautiful. The Riverfront is a quiet place to relax, walk or jog. Great sights, awesome splash pad and plenty for families to enjoy. Eastern Market is just the perfect eclectic mix of everything great in Detroit. You can find everything from fresh produce to an amazing cup of coffee at Germack. My family buys vegetable plants there every year to grow in our garden. It’s a great place to support local and meet some fantastic people.

Do you have a favorite thing to do in Detroit that we missed? Let us know in comments!

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