Grand Circus 2016 Outcomes Report

We’re excited to share with you our 2016 Outcomes Report. A lot has changed since our last report was written, and we’re thrilled to share the updates with you!  We’ve doubled the size of our team, opened a second location, made substantial investments in our curriculum and employer network, and continue to take serious steps to include alumni feedback in everything we do.  

We graduated 93.8% of the 163 students that were enrolled in our tuition-based programs. 86% of those graduates were employed in paid, technical positions ranging from daytime developer, to internships, contract and freelance opportunities and some even being hired by Grand Circus directly (we love having alumni on the team!).

We also recognize the importance that not everyone wants to go into a daytime developer role. There are so many job opportunities within tech: project and product managers, quality assurance testers, business analysts and more; these are all success stories to us and we love to hear student stories after they leave us.

One of our core values is and continues to be a main focus of the business: the tech industry should reflect the diversity of our community. Last year Grand Circus  trained 41.2% of women in our tuition-based programs and 30% people of color.

While we are proud of this, and they are much higher than the tech industry’s numbers, we know we can continue to do better. Some of our efforts include more Free Intro to Coding Workshops and diversity scholarships for anyone who identifies as a woman, minorities in tech, veterans and LGBTQ. These opportunities help ensure tech education is more accessible. We also continue to work with the city of Detroit and the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation to offer funded programs and scholarships to Detroit residents. These partnerships to continue to grow, and we’re excited for future opportunities throughout the state.

We hope you continue to follow Grand Circus’ journey as we celebrate our five-year anniversary next year. We are so excited to continue offering technical training to Michigan residents and beyond. If you are interested in learning more or just stopping by to say hi  join us for our next info session.


The Grand Circus Team