Grand Circus Coding Bootcamp Outcomes Report

The Grand Circus Student Outcomes Report


Grand Circus is excited to release our 2015 – 2016 Outcomes Report. Our goal is to share this report, outlining bootcamp outcomes over the past year, with potential and current students, alumni and partners. We want to show our student success and give insight into exactly what students are signing up for throughout the 10 weeks and for the job search. Through this report you’ll see our process and commitment for measuring success and how much we value staying in touch with alumni. We aim to be transparent and want to constantly evaluate ourselves and continue to grow as a technology education company.

Not all coding bootcamps are created the same. Discover how Grand Circus supports students and alumni during and after the bootcamp in this report.

Some data highlights from our coding bootcamp outcomes report:

The Grand Circus Student Outcomes Report
percentage of students at Grand Circus that are women percentage of students that are people of color


Download the full report. 


Grand Circus

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5 thoughts on “Grand Circus Coding Bootcamp Outcomes Report”

  1. Jason Scott says:

    These are definitely statistics I enjoy being apart of. Thanks GC!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I didn’t see the graphic for the education background in the report. Is there any difference in employment statistics based on educational background at entry into the program?

    Have you considered creating a network opportunity for graduates beyond the bootcamps?

    1. Hey Cheryl.

      Thank you for the comment. We don’t specifically track employment rates based on education backgrounds. Our students come from a range of backgrounds – some with college experience, others without. What we’ve seen is that it really depends on the individual; a college graduate with a Liberal Arts degree can be just as successful as a bootcamp grad without a college degree, so long as they’re able to illustrate their technical ability, passion to work in the industry and determination to continue learning.

      We have several networking opportunities throughout the year for graduates following bootcamps. These include Community Office Hours, meetups in our space, panel discussions & mixers, Happy Hours, Demo Days, holiday parties and more. These can be found on our website’s calendar when they are scheduled:

  3. DB says:

    How many of your students are “seasoned workers” (as in over 55+) that have been laid off and looking to boost their skill set?

    1. Hey there! I just reviewed some of our internal data, and it looks like about 5% of our students are within that age range. If you’d like to start dabbling in code and see if it’s a right fit for you, we offer free Intro to Coding workshops at our downtown Detroit locations plus many others throughout the state. You can learn more about that here: here Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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