Grand Circus Expands its Arena for New Coders in 2022

Today, Grand Circus, the Detroit-based learning institute, rolled out its 2022 Bootcamp Readiness Workshops calendar comprised of 90+ unique sessions that will prepare potential learners for the company’s full stack bootcamps. The introductory workshops are virtual, free (or free with promo code) and geared towards anyone exploring their interest and aptitude for a career as a developer.

Since launching its workshop series in 2015, over 9,000 learners have taken part in the 2-hour sessions where they are introduced to fundamental coding concepts in select languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and C#. At the end of the workshops, individuals may be confident and excited to enroll in a full-stack bootcamp that will help them launch their career change into tech.

“We pride ourselves on hosting workshops that allow learners to walk away with an honest self-assessment as to whether or not our coding bootcamps are the right fit for them,” said Damien Rocchi, founder and CEO of Grand Circus. “Identifying a career change can be hard enough but identifying one that requires a new skill can be even harder. Our workshops break down basic coding principles and provide a clear understanding of what it takes to become a programmer.”

The slate of virtual workshops comes on the heels of two national news-making announcements made by Grand Circus this winter. On January 18th the learning institute announced an Amazon-sponsored free coding bootcamp focused on Java. Then on February 4th Grand Circus announced another tech-giant collaboration to host free month-long Apple Foundation programs for learners to get introduced to iOS app design and development and even prototype their own original app idea.

“2022 is going to be a big year for Grand Circus, probably our most impactful one yet,” said Scott Tribble, Director of Marketing. “In addition to an extensive lineup of Bootcamp Readiness Workshops, we’ve been able to collaborate with true leaders of the tech economy, unlocking new pathways for our instructors and our students.”

Since 2013, Grand Circus has graduated over 2,500 students and boasts an employer network of over 350 organizations across Michigan and the Midwest. Their 14 and 28-week full-stack bootcamps are designed to give learners the training, soft skills and connections needed to launch a successful career in coding.

Students interested in attending a workshop are encouraged to visit to learn more.