Grand Circus Perks You Never Knew Existed

We love our students and want to support them in any way we can, creating the best possible experience for their learning. We find that extra perks make the experience that much better!

You don’t just get to hang out in Grand Circus’ cool space in downtown Detroit when you’re a bootcamp student. Even though that is a pretty sweet perk, there are a lot of other things that come with joining the Grand Circus community. When you’re here, you’re family – and this family likes discounts!

So what kind of perks do coding bootcamp students get?


You’ll receive discounts at Ashe Supply Co., a new coffee shop around the corner on Broadway St. It’s a great cafe to check out local goods and treats (lookin’ at you Sister Pie), terrific music, and freshly made coffee. It also has an awesome patio to grab some sun while you get your work done. The team at Ashe is really supportive and likes to give back to the local community, which we love.

Students also receive discounts at the Broderick Grille for their sit-down service, take out and cafe (and, it’s directly downstairs – extra perk!). And if you’re looking to get your fitness on while taking a bootcamp, you can get a discount on a three month membership at the Boll Family YMCA.
There are a ton of great Grand Circus student perks to discover

Don’t worry, there are goodies at Grand Circus for students too!

We never want students to be without their liquid fuel! Unlimited coffee from Great Lakes Coffee Roasters is offered every day. Great Lakes Coffee also has a cafe in Midtown on Woodward, about a mile away. Grand Circus provides unlimited snacks, too! From fruit bars to trail mix, our kitchen is always stocked with goodies! We want all of our students to feel refreshed and energized, that’s why we have treats ready to go if you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!
Want to know more about bootcamp perks? Check out this infographic to learn more about discounts in and out of the classroom:

GC Bootcamp students get great discounts and perks around Detroit

What about professional development perks during the coding bootcamp?  

One of the major perks our coding bootcamps provide is job hunt guidance. In addition to technical skills, you will learn everything necessary to land a job after graduation. You’ll receive portfolio guidance outlining what items to have on hand for when you start applying for jobs. What should you have? Sample work from your in-class projects, labs, your final team project and homework.

Get that resume and LinkedIn account ready to go! You’ll spend time in class getting these two important job search items looking awesome. Not sure what to put on a resume to reflect your new technical skills? We’ll help with that! Don’t even have a LinkedIn Account? No worries, we’ll help with that too!

One of the most important and beneficial perks is access to the Grand Circus Student Portal. During week three of your bootcamp you’ll submit all of the information needed to be added to the portal. This is a great tool for employers to check out, access your LinkedIn to contact you and check out your work on your GitHub.

When students come to Grand Circus they’re usually most nervous about technical interviews when they start their job hunt. Don’t worry, we got you covered here too. You will work with your instructor and TA on whiteboarding, answering technical questions and how to communicate your code.

Students will also complete two rounds of behavioral mock interviews. We’ll ask questions like “Tell me about yourself?”, “What are three words you would use to describe yourself?”, “Tell me about a time that you had a disagreement with a coworker?”, and more to prepare you for real-world interviews. You’ll be a pro by the time you graduate!

Possibly one of the most important perks: New best friends!

One of your most valuable resources are your classmates. You’re all on the job hunt together and it’s important that you utilize each other in your search.

Bootcamp students have made lifelong friendships, gone on to work together on the same dev team or at the same company and some have even recruited other Grand Circus grads once they’ve been hired. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep in touch with your classmates along your journey.

During the bootcamp students will have a class Slack channelthis is a way to communicate with your classmates, instructor, TA and the rest of the Grand Circus team. You are also able to direct message (think of it as AIM for 2016). This way, you can keep in contact when you’re not in the classroom and after you graduate. Your bootcamp channel will stay open for you to utilize long after you’ve left the Grand Circus space. We will also post job posting and descriptions in the #job-opps channel. Our community is 300+ strong! A great resource for all students and alumni!

If you’re interested in learning more about all of these awesome perks – check out our upcoming bootcamps!