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Last Updated May 19, 2020

Who couldn’t use a little Grand News right now?

During times like these, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and miss the grand things happening around us. As Fred Rogers so eloquently and simply said “Look for the helpers. You will always find people that are helping.” 

The team at Grand Circus is full of optimists. People who choose to see the glass half full. People committed to supporting our students no matter what. We’ve noticed amazing stories in our community of companies and individuals supporting one another: from employers hiring grads right out of bootcamp, to organizations connecting with companies to bridge the digital divide, we’re here for it.  

Grand News in Detroit:

Grand News in Grand Rapids:

  • Our friends at the Hispanic Center of West Michigan continue to do amazing work supporting members of the Grand Rapids community with direct resources 
  • One of our partners co-located out of Start Garden, Michigan House Creative, has a Thursday afternoon Happy Hour that celebrates and supports the creative community, especially musicians and artists, throughout Michigan. 
  • Be the Bridge GR highlights the grassroots efforts in the community and is full of stories of people helping people. 
  • La Lucha Fund provides financial resources directly to undocumented and mixed status families in Kent County who are not eligible for unemployment, CARES Act relief, or other government support.   
  • Our brewery friends and partners of our Learn to Code in Beer City free coding event series are brewing up hand sanitizer these days. 

Grand News for our graduates:

Our hiring partners are still hiring! Companies across Michigan still need amazing new team members. Software development remains one of the most stable and accessible fields. 

Grand News for prospective students:

  • Grand Circus is excited to announce a new full scholarship generously underwritten by NCWIT. The scholarship is another example of our commitment to supporting diversity and representation in tech and we’re honored that NCWIT selected us as their Michigan bootcamp partner. Individuals in Michigan who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary may be eligible this fully-funded scholarship. If you know anyone who may qualify, we’d love to connect them with this amazing resource. 
  • 50% scholarships are available for those affected by COVID-19 through the Community Relief Scholarship. This program is funded by Grand Circus and we’re hoping to offer it to as many students as we can. 

We’ll update this as we get tales of more Grand News!

Have some grand news to share? Email us at to be added! 

Amanda Metes

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