Introduction to GitHub (Video Series)

If you’re excited to be a programmer, you’ll need to know how to use version control.

Don’t know what version control is? Check out this blog post to learn more.

You’ll also want to learn the latest and greatest tools available to make you a more effective developer. Git and GitHub have transformed web-development workflow and made it a lot easier to collaborate.

In this post we put together a series of four videos to help you get started using these tools on your journey to becoming a developer. Enjoy!

[somryv url=”O5ron8PwAMM” size=”large” align=”center” desc=”Part 1 – What is Git & Github”]

[somryv url=”Jq9T0JCyHuM” size=”large” align=”center” desc=”Terms & Flow”]

[somryv url=”chFsQJ6EJkk” size=”large” align=”center” desc=”Downloading and Installing”]

[somryv url=”EI6ZMaMNH0s” size=”large” align=”center” desc=”Uploading Your First Project”]