Learn to Code In Beer City: Announcing a Free Workshop Series


Learn to Code. In Beer City USA!

Grand Circus is serious about our core values. It’s part of our interview process for new employees and contractors. We share them with prospective students during Info Sessions and our Intro to Coding workshops.  During our bootcamp orientation we make sure all students understand what our values are and how important they are throughout the bootcamp.

Our core values also drive our community partnerships and outreach.  

For example, one our values is: OF THE PEOPLE.  We know every neighborhood is different, so we work hard to adapt to what matters locally.

learn_beer_citySo in West Michigan, what is one of the quintessential industries and products that really matter? Hint: It’s two words and cold?  

Answer: Craft Beer.

According to ExperienceGR, when Grand Rapids claimed the undisputed title as Beer City USA in 2013, the city contained 17 breweries. Now, there are approximately 37 breweries and brewpubs in the immediate city and 80 throughout West Michigan.

Craft beer has also turned Grand Rapids into a tourist destination that features annual events like the Winter Beer Festival, Founders Fest, and Beer Month GR, hosted by Experience GR.

So you are probably wondering what does any of this have to do with Grand Circus and coding?

It’s a pretty simple connection, actually. Just like beer making is a craft, so is coding.  And like our commitment to be “of the people,” these breweries and brewpubs are also focused on “the people” –– operating with a commitment to Grand Rapids neighborhoods and community.

Beginning February 27,  we will kick off a series of free Intro to Coding workshops at four local breweries, starting with Brewery Vivant.

Considering there are over 80 breweries in West Michigan, why did we chose these four? We were very intentional in selecting these partners. We wanted to work with organizations that, besides brewing outstanding beer, are anchored into neighborhoods and have a dedication to greatness that impacts locals in new and exciting ways. Each of these breweries are involved in their community in various ways and like us, work hard to adapt to what matters locally.

We’re excited to help Grand Circus facilitate training for individuals to become software developers,” said Vincent Lambert, Co-Owner of Creston Brewery. One of our core values at Creston Brewery is to provide an inclusive space, so we support the mission of Grand Circus’ efforts to reach those who are underrepresented in tech (people of color, LGBTQ+, veterans, returning citizens, women and people over 40).


You can click on the link to learn more about each brewery.  You can register for the classes here. All of the free workshops are taught by Grand Circus alumni; we encourage questions beyond just coding as you learn this new skill and consider career opportunities in tech.

We are excited to test out this new partnership and reach new people in new places.

So let’s toast to learning to code in Beer City!

For every wound, a balm.

For every sorrow, cheer.

For every storm, a calm.

For every thirst, a beer.


(Oh yeah.  Besides writing your first line of code, the first pint is also on Grand Circus!)