Don’t Sweat The Stress: How To Thrive In The Workplace

Reduce your daily stress at work with these 6 tips

Work can be stressful. Use these tips to help keep things under control.From meetings to deadlines and projects that pop up out of the blue, life in the workplace can sometimes get a little stressful. Even if you’re working your dream job, there can be times when the evil anxiety monster sneaks up and makes your day to day a little more difficult. But if you feel like your job can be stressful from time to time, you’re not alone. In a survey by, 40% of workers say their jobs are at least moderately stressful with 25% reporting their career to be the most stressful aspect of their life. While our jobs can be a source of satisfaction and accomplishment, they can also seem a tad overwhelming if not managed correctly.

To help you manage those stress levels, we’ve surveyed our team to figure out what they recommend to stay level headed.

Luckily, our team at Grand Circus knows a thing or two about balancing work responsibilities with all the other craziness that happens in life. We sat down with a few members of our team and here are some of their top tips for lessening the stress of day-to-day job responsibilities.

6 Tips To Help You De-Stress Your Work Day

Anna, Program ManagerKnowing that I’ll get through it. If I feel the wave of stress approaching, I turn my attention elsewhere (going for a walk, running, reading, etc.). I just take the 10 minutes that I need and let nothing else matter in order to allow myself to gain more perspective on the situation. 
Perspective. is. everything.”

– Anna Farr, Program Manager


Josh, Program Manager“Make a point to leave your desk and take a five-minute walk at least twice a day, and use the time to clear your mind and think about non-work things.”

– Josh Sheppard, Program Manager



Will, Marketing Intern“Make to-do lists that you can use to monitor your progress throughout the day. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment each time you cross off a task and a sense of satisfaction when you’ve completed everything you set out to at the end of the day.”

– William Sexton, Marketing Intern



David Wolverton“To limit distractions and keep myself on task in unstructured situations, I sometimes use the Pomodoro Technique, a simple time-management system that you can learn about online.

Another tip: At the end of the day, take a look back and celebrate the things you have achieved or done well. This can be helpful if you tend constantly to dwell on the what you still have to do or where you fell short.”

– David Wolverton, Instructor


Peter, Instructor
“Get regular exercise–even though it means giving up some time, it pays huge dividends in energy and attitude.”

– Peter Guenther, Instructor



Tricia, Operations Manager“It’s important to remember to walk away from your computer. Whether this is for a stretch break (the developer life can be tough on the neck and shoulders!), to re-up on coffee, because you’re stuck on a problem or go on a walk around the block because your brain is hitting its limit.”

– Tricia Haslinger, Community Manager


Hopefully these tips can help you better balance the ups and downs of your workday and make even the stressful of weeks a bit more manageable. With the right amount of planning and the occasional coffee break, you’ll be ready to tackle anything!