Take their word for it: Grand Circus coding bootcamps are worth the investment

Take their word for it: Grand Circus coding bootcamps are worth the investment


  • The money you make after taking a Grand Circus bootcamp makes the money you spend on bootcamp, an easy investment! You’ll make approximately 4 times what you spend on bootcamp. This means the return on investment you get from a Grand Circus coding bootcamp is higher than most other coding bootcamps (low investment + high salary = happy alumni) 
  • If you’re ready to work hard and learn the skills necessary for your new career, then a bootcamp is right for you.

Alumni Insights

If you’re considering making a move to join one of the fastest-growing industries, there are a few different paths you can take: enroll in a university or college for your computer science degree, learn on your own, or apply for a coding bootcamp like the daytime and after-hours programs offered at Grand Circus.

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp offers a lightning-fast pace, goes beyond technical instruction by providing career-readiness training and connecting students to employers ready to hire developers.

Employers are increasingly relying on bootcamp graduates to grow their teams. Our graduates earn a median of $52,000 immediately out of bootcamp. What’s even better is we’ve seen firsthand that our graduates are continually growing in their tech careers. After five years, they’re earning over $82,000 on average (check out our outcomes report for more details).

If you’re ready to work hard and looking for a supportive environment that will quickly teach you the skills necessary to earn a new career, then a coding bootcamp could be right for you. But, don’t take our word for it. 

Let’s hear from a few of our 1,600+ graduates who are currently in really awesome technology jobs across Michigan: 

Is Grand Circus is Worth the Investment?  

Grand Circus has a wide-reaching network of alumni and an abundantly flowing connection with employers. It is by far the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Jeannette Washington
Back-End Java Graduate, 2017
Chief Academic Officer and Author

“[Grand Circus] is one of the best investments when it comes to coding education, it has the teachers, the staff, the resources and connections to help anyone that wants to become a programmer achieve it.”

George Almonte
Front-End After-Hours Graduate
Development Support Intern at Oplogic

“I now have the skills to be picky about my job, I absolutely love what I do and where I am.  This investment pays off, numerous times over.”

Lanna Brasure
C# .NET Graduate
Software Engineer at Little Caesars

150%. It was the best decision I ever made, and completely change my life. I wouldn’t be on the career path I’m on right now had I not done my bootcamp.”

Michael Gleason
Java Graduate
Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Detroit Labs

I will have already earned back the tuition fee and then some by the end of the year, so absolutely. The people I met there have all been great, the experience was truly one of a kind. It will be extremely difficult to duplicate that excitement ever again. Totally miss my class time and classmates.”

Justin Morrow
Front-End Graudate
Associate Analyst at Perficient

“Grand Circus saves a lot of money if you choose to go to a bootcamp instead of getting a 2-4 year degree that could potentially get you a similar tech job.”

Chandler Keyes
Java Graduate
Junior Fullstack Software Developer at Interaction Gaming

Our students who were once yoga instructors, teachers, retail specialists, professional musicians, now are programming powerhouses solving problems at some of Michigan’s top companies. Get inspired, read their stories here.

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