Unit 1: What Is It? How Can I Be Successful?

unit 1 student

yasmine-staffHi there! I’m Yasmine and I manage the Unit 1 process here at Grand Circus. The admissions process here at Grand Circus has multiple steps and Unit 1 is just one of them! There are several ways applicants can prepare to be successful before and during the Unit 1 process.

What is Unit 1?

Unit 1 is an integral process for both applicants and the instructional team at Grand Circus. It’s where we get to meet applicants and see how they work independently before coming to Grand Circus. It also allows us to see if the applicant is able to follow instructions provided and successfully complete a project with the resources provided. Coding is all about learning, utilizing resources, following documentation, and building projects. While many of our applicants have had some exposure to coding, Unit 1 is a great opportunity to jump in and build something! With our hand picked resources and direction, Unit 1 allows you to truly immerse yourself in coding a project and sets you up for success for one of our bootcamps!

How Does Unit 1 Work?

Most coding bootcamps across require applicants to complete “pre-work” in order to assess students before entry into their program. Unit 1 is our version of this “pre-work”. After you apply to a bootcamp and successfully interview, you’ll be asked to make a deposit to save your seat. Once your seat is saved, you will then and gain access to our Unit 1 material. During Unit 1, you’ll gain access to resources we believe will adequately prepare you for our bootcamp. Lab 1 is the deliverable you’ll be asked to complete and turn in to be assessed by Grand Circus staff to see if it meets our minimum requirements for admission to one of our coding bootcamps. There are multiple videos, articles, and quizzes to go through before completing Lab 1. You’ll receive about three weeks to go through the Unit 1 materials, build, and submit Lab 1.

Do You Offer any Support for Unit 1 Students?Grand Rapids Campus

Of course! When you’re added to the Unit 1 part of the admissions process, you’re allowed access to our Slack channel. Slack is a messaging platform we utilize here at Grand Circus. Inside Slack, you’ll be added to a private channel for all applicants working through their Unit 1 materials across all the bootcamps! Applicants often help each other out, answer each others questions, and sometimes even organize time to work together on their projects. What’s really cool about the Unit 1 channel is instructional staff are often available to answer your questions. If you get stuck or need more clarity on concept, you will have somewhere to turn! Community is everything at Grand Circus, and this will be your first introduction to ours! We love when applicants participate and ask questions, so definitely take advantage of it during your Unit 1 time.

What Happens After I Pass Lab 1?

Once you successfully complete Lab 1, congratulations! You’ve completed all the steps to qualify for admission into one of our bootcamps! Now, you’ll gain access to the Career Change Prep Course. This is where we get to learn more about you and your goals at Grand Circus before orientation. We truly can’t wait for you to begin!