Our C# .NET Core Coding Bootcamp

The Full-Time C# .NET bootcamp at Grand Circus is designed to transform you from coding novice to programming powerhouse in twenty-six weeks of intensive technical and career readiness training. .NET Core is a programming framework used in enterprise development around the world that’s heavily integrated with the C# language. This programming language is highly in demand throughout Michigan and beyond.

This Full-Time Bootcamp is a 12-week program, this includes two weeks of mandatory at-home work we call Unit One.
Classes are held Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

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What will I learn?

This programming bootcamp will introduce you to the fundamentals of enterprise development (.NET), the use of Visual Studio, SQL databases, and how to design and deploy object- oriented applications. All along the way and after bootcamp, get the tried and tested training and support you need for a successful job search.

Some of the technical concepts include:

  • Manipulating data in console applications
  • C# Fundamentals, OOP, HTML/CSS, SQL and learn how to use those concepts within Web Applications
  • Computer Science foundations including Algorithms, Data Structures and Design Patterns
  • Collaborative software development and version control with Git and GitHub
  • Software development and programming best practices that separate great developers from the rest
  • Best practices for deploying applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Consuming and integrating third-party application programming interfaces (APIs) in an application
  • How to make an API
  • Agile application development

The Bootcamp Schedule

Before you start bootcamp at our campus, you’ll complete two weeks of mandatory at-home learning that we call Unit One. This work provides the foundation for the bootcamp lessons and covers fundamentals that all successful developers need to know:

Start getting your tools together to get ready for bootcamp. Learn where you will write code at Grand Circus (Visual Studio) and how to share that code to GitHub. Finish off this unit with two deliverables using the basic C# tools you have learned. This unit provides the foundation of web programming that will be built on in the following units. Get weekly one-on-one coaching with a Grand Circus grad by appointment. Finish off the unit with two deliverables using the C# tools you learned.

Once you start classroom sessions, you’ll be on-site at Grand Circus Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

What is Student Life Like?

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Jonathan Mallinga

"In the Michigan market, there are a lot of .NET roles; my experience at Grand Circus has put me in the position to start in IT and as long as I am persistent in my self-development— I can grow into more senior positions."

— Jonathan Mallinga
Project Manager, Amrock

We help you find your new job.

As a Grand Circus bootcamp student, you’ll receive personalized support from our team of career coaches and program managers designed to support your future career ambitions, not only for your first job after bootcamp but for your long-term career in tech (or wherever your new skills will take you!).

Navigating a new industry can be difficult; our career services team has crafted a learning approach that teaches students how to identify goals, research their options and find their competitive edge. This collaborative relationship between students and staff takes hustle and hard work. Our proven process works when students work with the process.

Students build their career and soft skills through sessions on:

  • Impostor Syndrome + Giving & Receiving Feedback Workshop
  • Career Inspiration & Exploration
  • Employable You (LinkedIn Workshop)
  • Communicating for Success
  • Interview Prep
  • Distinct Value Add
  • Mock Behavioral & Technical Interviews

Throughout bootcamp you will:

  • Learn skills to combat imposter syndrome, something many developers struggle with. We’ll help you identify signs of self-doubt, ways to overcome them and guide you through constructive ways to give and receive feedback
  • Understand and prepare for the career search process in your new industry
  • Determine career goals and keep motivated in successfully finding your dream job
  • Practice behavioral and technical interviews with upfront training, tips, and mock interviews to improve your interviewing confidence
  • Hear from guest speakers and participate in workshops designed to prepare you for your new career
  • Learn to assess your skills objectively against job descriptions
  • Build your unique professional brand
  • Show off your new skills and connect with employers at Demo Day
  • Get connected to the tech community through hosted meetups and community events

Costs & Financing

Total Tuition: $11,750

It is free to apply. If you're accepted, the deposit is $200 to save your seat and unlock Unit One.


Taking a 12-week programming bootcamp is a significant investment of both time and money. To help ease the financial burden, we’ve made early registration discounts multiple financing options available for our students.

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We offer scholarships as part of our diversity program. Women, veterans and underrepresented minorities seeking a new career in tech may receive an automatic $1,500 scholarship. Check out our Financing and Scholarships page for more information.

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Application Process

We want to get to know you and how we can help.

Step 1:

First, you submit an interest form and you’ll receive our application.

Step 2:

After a few general questions about you, like your name and address, the application consists of four questions.

Step 3:

Once you send your answers back to us, we set you up with an in-person interview at Grand Circus. If you can’t make it to Detroit, we’ll complete the interview over Zoom. Easy!

Class Dates

Our C# .NET Core Coding Bootcamp

JAN. 21 - MARCH 27, 2020; Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (Detroit) — Apply by Closed

APRIL 20 - JUNE 26, 2020; Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (Detroit or Grand Rapids) — Apply by April 3
Apply by March 20 to lock in your early application discount and save $1,000

JULY 20 - SEPT. 25, 2020; Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (Detroit) — Apply by June 12
Apply by May 29 to lock in your early application discount and save $1,000

OCT. 12 - DEC. 18, 2020; Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (Detroit) — Apply by September 4
Apply by August 21 to lock in your early application discount and save $1,000

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for in a candidate?

If you’re smart, tenacious, resourceful and hardworking, you’ll be ready for a bootcamp. Many of our students have dabbled in code through online tutorials and other courses. Some students have basic programming experience. We want candidates that are self-motivated and committed to the Grand Circus program. Learning any new skill can become frustrating, so it’s important to see this opportunity as a welcome challenge, rather than a stress-inducing problem.

Do I need strong computer skills?

Students should have a basic understanding of popular tools like Google Drive and Microsoft Office. The ability to install programs on your computer is also important. We have also found that our strongest students have some type of basic understanding of programming languages, you could take our Intro to Coding workshop.

Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree is not required to get into our coding bootcamps. We’ve had many students without degrees become very successful and find great jobs that they love. However, it’s important to note that some jobs in the tech industry will require a four-year degree of some kind.

What do I need to bring to bootcamp?

We recommend bringing your own laptop, though Grand Circus also has a limited number of laptops that students can borrow during the course.

What happens after bootcamp is over?

We have strong relationships with companies that are enthusiastic about hiring our entry-level developers and allowing them to grow within their organizations.Once you graduate from a Grand Circus bootcamp, you’ll gain access to our job placement services and our networking events. We also integrate job readiness and soft skills training (on topics like communication and teamwork) into our bootcamps so that our students are ready to interview successfully, once the bootcamp ends.

Can I get a job out of state with a certificate of completion from Grand Circus?

Yes! We’ve had several students get their first entry-level tech jobs outside of Michigan.

More Answers

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