Community Relief Scholarship

This scholarship covers half of bootcamp tuition for anyone whose job or livelihood is threatened due to the recent outbreak. We consider you our family, and family sticks together in times of need.

Grand Circus has been helping the Michigan community access stable and flexible tech careers during times of mass layoffs, recession, new opportunities, and crisis since we launched.

We’re not giving up on you, now. 

In the interest of public health and the evolving situation, we decided to move all April bootcamps to remote classrooms. Our teams have been training to launch a remote bootcamp model and are ready to support you in this transition. We understand this shift may feel uneasy for some prospective students. We assure you that the Grand Circus family-first, community experience provided in our in-person bootcamps will continue with the remote model.

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Community Relief Scholarship

Getting you a stable job in the tech industry has always been our mission, especially in times of need.

Community Relief Scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, apply to bootcamp! Scholarship application questions are in the bootcamp application. 

We’re offering a Grand Circus sponsored scholarship to anyone who finds their livelihoods or jobs under threat due to the outbreak. We’ll offer this scholarship to as many people as we can help.

Community Relief Scholarship details:

  • The scholarship covers half of bootcamp tuition.
  • The $800 bootcamp deposit is reduced to $200. If that doesn’t work for you financially, let us know and we’ll work with you to find an amount that does.
  • Anyone whose livelihood is affected qualifies to apply

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, apply to bootcamp! Scholarship application questions are at the end of the bootcamp application. 

Check out these details to review how to apply.