DETrealities Conference

Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in S.E. Michigan.

Grant Chirpus, our VR-lovin’ chicken mascot, has a dream: To bring together everyone who’s doing Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality in Southeastern Michigan.

Along with an all-star cast of speakers and presenters, we’re going to make that dream a reality in Detroit on
Friday, October 6, 2017.
Together we can share what we’re doing, compare notes, talk best practices and form new connections.

What we’ll do


The development of VR technologies and its kin, especially in Southeast Michigan.


Best practices by industry leaders in the region.


Breakfast, lunch and happy hour are provided–you’ll have ample time to chat and network.

What it looks like

  • One day, TED-talk-style conference (10- and 20-minute talks plus panels and keynotes).
  • Held in downtown Detroit at Grand Circus Headquarters.
  • Expos from leading AR/VR regional companies.
  • Includes breakfast, lunch and an off-site happy hour!

Who's Involved

Keynote Speakers

Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality–Beyond The Looking Glass
Brad Waid

Social Experiences
Rich Geyer, Vectorform

Demystifying ARKit
Jeff Meador, Vectorform

Speaker List

Designing Perception
Anna Konson, SpellBound

Learning and Education in a Mixed Reality Environment
Adam Stogdill, Deep Canvas

VR Gaming Platforms Applied to Business Applications
Bill Westrick, Chameleon Power

Navigating the Legal Side of AR/VR
Brian D. Wassom, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP

Sharing Space in Large Scale VR
Craig Albert, DREAMGATE VR

AR Sprint – Launching an Augmented Reality App in 1 Month
Mahmoud “Moody” Mattan, BrandVR

Right Now! Delivering Training on the Factory Floor
Neal Rowland, Plex Systems

VR: The Realistic Solution
Randall Spaulding, ICON Interactive

No Matter the Reality, It’s All About the Assets
Sam Sesti, ONU

Taking Your VR Show on the Road
Stephen Couchman, LivePicture LLC

How Real are Virtual and Augmented Reality for Enterprise?
Steve Dantas, VRARA

Un-Panel Discussion on Promoting Inclusion in VR/MR/AR

why you want to come

You’re in the industry, and want to learn, hang and network.

Your business is curious about the AR/VR buzz and wants you to scope out the opportunities.

AR/VR is your jam and you want to see and hear about the heart of the industry, and best practices.

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