Hey, Grand Circus. What’s all this Facebook buzz about?

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On Thursday June 8th, a proclamation was made. Facebook is partnering with Grand Circus to provide accessible bootcamps in the state of Michigan. Specifically, Detroit. #FBLikesGC

Partnership Details

We’re still working through the ins and outs. In essence, Facebook is offering funding and training aid to help 3,000 Michiganders gain skills in coding and social media marketing, over the next two years.

Cool. Why?

There’s a two-fold answer. On the one hand, Facebook is looking to expand its economic growth efforts and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the US workforce, by launching a skills initiative in Michigan. On the other hand, well, I’ll let Sheryl say it, “one of the things we’re working on at Facebook is making sure that the diversity of our field and our industry represents the diversity that’s out there in the world because when you have more voices at the table with more diverse backgrounds, you make better decisions”. We’re ecstatic that Facebook has embraced one of the core values that fuels our entire existence. Naturally, we think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Can I apply? What does this mean for me?

You can! Applications are officially open. Learn more and apply.