Grand Circus Coding Bootcamps: Student's Stories

Interested in becoming a software developer? Learn how these students used a coding bootcamp to start their career in tech.

Grand Circus alumni know what bootcamps are all about. They’ll help answer all your questions, right here. Questions like, what’s a coding bootcamp? How does it prepare me for a career in tech? Which coding languages can I choose and why? Scroll on.

Student Stories

A coding bootcamp is an intensive, in-person, educational program covering a specific coding language. Alumni share their experiences from applying and financing, through learning, graduation and the job search!

How do I get in?

Bootcamps are purposefully intense to help push you forward in your career. We look for people who, with the help of your Grand Circus team, are ready for that challenge.

“If you’re determined and know that coding is something that you’re passionate about, the application and interview process are a breeze. I made sure to spend a lot of time on my answers for the application so that whoever was reading knew that I was dead serious about making a career change! I also made sure to reiterate those things during my in-person interview at Grand Circus.”

– Christina, Front-End Graduate & Developer at jācapps

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Grammar or spelling errors.

  2. Using catch phrases or lots of buzz words.

  3. Not being thoughtful in each answer.

I'm feeling ready! choose your language, start the application.

What's it like to learn in a bootcamp?

Bootcamps launch your career in tech through honed-in and hands-on learning. We’ll let Chelsea tell you the rest.

Chelsea’s Story

Read MoreFront-End Alum


What Financing Help is available?

We know the bootcamps are a big undertaking. We offer partial scholarships to minorities who are underrepresented in tech, an early application discount (can’t stack with a scholarship) and reasonable loan options.

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