Admissions Administrator – Detroit

As the Admissions Administrator at Grand Circus, you’ll be responsible for supporting the recruitment and communication with prospective and new bootcamp students. The admissions administrator is responsible for managing various aspects of the recruitment and admissions process for incoming students, including the logistics and setup of various projects, such as: conducting interviews and follow ups, Unit 1 (pre-work for incoming students), Tech Wednesday and preparing insights for the learning team. They should be prepared to provide Unit 1 to students, read through applications and provide next steps, interview applicants with appropriate follow up, provide feedback upon request, and answer any questions applicants have along the way.  General day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Reviewing and conducting In-person and remote interviews
  • Coordinate and organize weekly Tech Wednesdays (logistics, scheduling code coaches and calendars and processing invoices) 
  • Review bootcamp applications and collaborating with the Admissions team to qualify students
  • Communicating directly with incoming students to address any questions before and during the admissions process
  • Sending out the Unit 1 pre-work and providing communication support as students work toward project completion 
  • Working and collaborating with marketing and the growth team to meet company-wide objectives
  • Attending info sessions and promotional events to recruit students and promote Grand Circus
  • Working with external vendors for bootcamp financing and scholarships
  • Finding future Tech ALL-Stars LIKE A BOSS!  

This position is on-site at Grand Circus in downtown Detroit and is a full-time, salaried role. 

What are we looking for? 

  • Great communication skills (written and verbal) 
  • Ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds and skills while addressing their specific needs 
  • Is able and excited to work independently and efficiently 
  • Comfortability speaking in front of large groups of people 
  • Great technical skills (familiarity with basic computer applications in the Google suite)
  • A multitasker with a keen sense of organization and professionalism
  • Eagerness and willingness to grow and expand their role
  • Excited to share fresh perspectives, insights and ideas and is ready to see those projects through to completion 

Nice to have:

  • Salesforce, WordPress and HubSpot experience
  • Basic coding skills

How to Apply:

(EXTERNAL APPLICANTS) – Email your resume and thoughtful responses to the following questions with the subject line – Admissions assistant: Detroit.

  1. How would you describe the differences between Front-End and Back-End programming?   Going beyond that, how would you then describe Javascript, C#, and Java to someone that is new to programming.  
  2. Someone has just emailed you and asked why should they take a GC bootcamp over a more traditional option like a CS (computer science) degree.  What is your response?