Short-Term Contract: Program Manager – Detroit

We are looking for a short-term contract program manager to begin mid to late September through December 20th. This is a contracted, hourly paid position at 45 hours per week.

At Grand Circus, we train students for jobs in Michigan’s fastest growing tech companies. We know that anyone can be a developer, so we’re passionate about educating career transitioners in coding and other skills that lead to high-growth careers. To do so, we need an operational-guru, otherwise known as a Program Manager, to shepherd our students to success!


As a Program Manager at Grand Circus, you’re responsible for the student experience during their time in a bootcamp, where you’ll handle all non-technical and logistical aspects of our funded programs. Specifically, you’ll oversee the student’s transition from pre-work → orientation → their full-time program at Grand Circus Detroit → graduation! During a student’s 10-weeks at Grand Circus, you’ll be their go-to person, where you will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating fun events like happy hours, potlucks, game night, and any other exciting activities that come to mind
  • Ensuring students know where they need to be and when for soft skills, company visits, alumni visit, and interviews → to name a few!
  • Daily announcements so students are “in the know” with non-technical aspects of bootcamp
  • Sending out weekly surveys to students and lead bi-weekly class retros, compile feedback in a timely manner, and act on actionable items of feedback
  • Hosting 1-1 conversations and offices hours for students to do a temperature check and provide feedback for growth
  • Effectively communicate with instructional staff during weekly stand-ups, curriculum calendar chats, and casual daily check-ins
  • Ensuring all-around availability for students and instructors beyond set meeting times
  • Acting as a liaison between funding partners and Grand Circus
  • Responding to student inquiries on Slack and email in a timely manner
  • Be available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5pm, some evenings may be required throughout bootcamp


  • Have a proven track record of being a “people-person” → specifically, empathetic and intuitive
  • Get your inbox down to zero everyday
  • Have the ability to make important decisions on the fly
  • Have been told you’re highly detail / task-oriented and never miss a beat
  • Are often the “go-to” person for advice
  • Feel comfortable delivering tough feedback
  • Are known for your effective communication (both orally and written)
  • Operate most effectively when you have access to organizational tools

How to apply:

Send your resume to with the subject line “Short-Term Contract: Program Manager – Detroit” and answer the two questions below, one of which relates to our core values.

  1. What does “When you’re here, you’re family” mean to you?
  2. Tell me about a time that your logistical or organizational skills were out of this world.

Applications for this position will close August 31.