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Alumni Testimonials

Prior to my GC bootcamp, I was working as a Senior Digital Marketer focusing on paid social campaigns for automotive OEMs. But a few years ago, a job as a website assistant inspired my aggressive career change into tech. I considered a degree in Computer Science Degree, but didn’t have the money or time for another four-year degree. In my quest, I found a local fast track option at Grand Circus. I was lucky to find employment right after graduation of my bootcamp and had GC as a big name to help me validate my programming certification despite having a non-CS degree.

Samantha Mazzola

Software Developer I

United Shore

From Teacher to Web Developer, Meet Yasmine

By kim | June 16, 2016

Update: Yasmine is now the Admissions and Learning Team Administrator at Grand Circus.   One of my favorite parts about working…

Meet Quinn, Small Business Owner turned Software Engineer

By kim | July 7, 2016

I’m super excited about introducing a wonderful Java Bootcamp alumni today, Quinn Hamilton. Quinn is originally from Detroit, and came…

Meet Kwaku, Business Development Associate turned Software Engineer

By Anna | August 31, 2016

Update: Kwaku is now a Media Technology Teacher at University Preparatory Academy Middle School. It’s my pleasure to feature Kwaku…

From Teacher to Java Developer, Meet Chelsea Gallagher

By Anna | November 4, 2016

Update: Chelsea is now a Client Support Manager at Cirrus Group LLC and goes by Chelsea Kulick.   What’s more stressful…

Meet Landall, Career Advisor turned JavaScript Developer

By breathingmoment | November 15, 2016

Update: Landall is now an OnSite Software Developer at Detroit Labs. Here at Grand Circus, our family is constantly growing….

From Recruiter to Back-End Developer, Meet Milliza

By Tricia | March 23, 2017

Update: Milliza is now a Database Developer at United Shore. Milliza joined the Grand Circus family as a Java coding…

From Property Manager to Developer, Meet Shug

By breathingmoment | June 21, 2017

Update:  Shug is now a Consultant & Developer at Progressive Solutions.  Students in each coding bootcamp come from an array…

Meet Melanie, Accountant turned Developer

By grandcircusco | August 14, 2017

Update: Melanie is now an Associate Software Developer at Credit Acceptance. When Melanie Myers decided to switch careers she made…

From Tugboat Deckhand to Java Developer, Meet Colton

By breathingmoment | October 5, 2017

Update: Colton is now a Software Engineer at Intrepid Control Systems Our students have always come from a diverse set…

Meet Naomi, Marketing Coordinator turned Software Engineer

By grandcircusco | February 28, 2018

Update: Naomi is still loving her job as a Junior Software Engineer at Meridian At GC, we get the privilege…

Alumni Testimonials

I always wanted to become a developer, a Black-Girls-Coder, a Women-in-Tech-programmer, because I love science and technology. I decided that it is time to be more than a user, more than a content creator. It’s time to build.

Lhea J. Copeland

Network Engineer

Rocket Mortgage

After Hours C# .NET Graduate

Eli Stone Alumni

Coding is Solving Puzzles: Meet Eli Stone

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | July 6, 2021

When COVID-19 precautions caused a series of closures at the escape room where he worked, Eli Stone decided to shift…

Meet Our Alumni: Karina Lopez

Finding Inspiration in a New Tech Career: Meet Karina Lopez

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | May 28, 2021

This month, we’re sharing insights from Karina Lopez, a 2017 Grand Circus DEVELOP(her) graduate. Before deciding to pursue a new…

Heather Wenzel

Marketing Meets Programming: Heather Shares How She Remixed Her Career

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | April 30, 2021

Making a career change can be daunting, especially when you’re already established and doing well, but that’s just what Heather…

Josie Wheeler

Bartender to Tech Consultant: Josie Wheeler Tells Us About Her Career Change

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | March 31, 2021

Meet Josie Wheeler, a Grand Circus grad and Process Architect at Accenture. We caught up with Josie to learn about…

Chandler Keyes

Coding without College: Chandler Keyes Shares Her Experience

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | March 18, 2021

When Chandler Keyes came to Grand Circus bootcamp in 2017, she was fresh out of high school. Since then, she’s…

JavaScript bootcamp graduate Leanne Roddy discusses her new career in tech.

Fashioning a New Career in Tech: Meet Leanne Roddy

By Cory Williamson-Cardneau | March 2, 2021

JavaScript bootcamp graduate Leanne Roddy talks about moving from a career in the fashion industry to career in tech.

From Teacher to Coder and Beyond: Navigating a Career in Education & Tech with Shanita Scott

By grandcircusco | February 9, 2021

Shanita Scott’s path to Grand Circus was similar to many of our students, which is to say, completely unique and…

Four Years in Tech with Alexis Marien: From Truck Driver to Software Engineer at GE Aviation

By Amanda | August 4, 2020

Like all of our students, Alexis Marien dedicated herself to the coding bootcamp, learning a new skill and preparing for…

Three people posing with certificate

From Snowboard Instructor to Full-Stack Software Developer, Meet Matthew Rhadigan

By breathingmoment | May 1, 2020

Technology is constantly changing. Even the most experienced software developers continue learning to stay updated on the latest programming techniques….

Lauren Mooney Holding Graduation Certificate

From the Medical Industry to Tech, Meet Lauren Mooney

By breathingmoment | April 21, 2020

When you’re here, you’re family; it’s one of our core values here at Grand Circus. While it might be borrowed…

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