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Alumni Testimonials

Samantha Mazzola

Prior to my GC bootcamp, I was working as a Senior Digital Marketer focusing on paid social campaigns for automotive OEMs. But a few years ago, a job as a website assistant inspired my aggressive career change into tech. I considered a degree in Computer Science Degree, but didn’t have the money or time for another four-year degree. In my quest, I found a local fast track option at Grand Circus. I was lucky to find employment right after graduation of my bootcamp and had GC as a big name to help me validate my programming certification despite having a non-CS degree.

Samantha Mazzola

Software Developer I

United Shore

From Ecologist to Web Developer, Meet Andre Otte

By GC-Marketing | March 12, 2020

If you’re looking to jumpstart your career in tech, there are many paths possible; self-learning, a computer science degree or…

Three people posing with certificate

From Snowboard Instructor to Full-Stack Software Developer, Meet Matthew Rhadigan

By GC-Marketing | May 1, 2020

Technology is constantly changing. Even the most experienced software developers continue learning to stay updated on the latest programming techniques….

Grand Circus alumni

From Pizza Delivery Guy to Team Lead, Tyler Chats Tech Life 4 Years After Graduation

By GC-Marketing | April 15, 2020

The journey into tech is different for everyone; that’s part of the reason coding bootcamps have become such an effective…

Lauren Mooney Holding Graduation Certificate

From the Medical Industry to Tech, Meet Lauren Mooney

By GC-Marketing | April 21, 2020

When you’re here, you’re family; it’s one of our core values here at Grand Circus. While it might be borrowed…

Antonella headshot

After the Bootcamp: A Day in the Life of a Bootcamp Alum

By GC-Marketing | September 3, 2015

Update: Antonella now works for Grand Circus as a Java Instructor. An entrepreneur at heart, Antonella joined our Java Bootcamp…

Man coding with a dog

Student Spotlight: Alex Bozinovic

By GC-Marketing | January 14, 2016

Update: New workshops are being offered and you can find them here.   Alex took our Intro to Web Development Course…

Final Website of Devon

What You Can Learn at Grand Circus: A Student Spotlight

By GC-Marketing | December 7, 2015

Update: New workshops are being offered and you can find them here.   Ever wonder what our students are able to…

Four Years in Tech with Alexis Marien: From Truck Driver to Software Engineer at GE Aviation

By GC-Marketing | August 4, 2020

Like all of our students, Alexis Marien dedicated herself to the coding bootcamp, learning a new skill and preparing for…

From GIS Technician to Software Developer, Meet Jessa

By GC-Marketing | June 29, 2020

Joining a coding bootcamp is often a life-changing experience for students. Bootcamps go beyond teaching the technical knowledge necessary to…

From Teacher to Coder and Beyond: Navigating a Career in Education & Tech with Shanita Scott

By GC-Marketing | February 9, 2021

Shanita Scott’s path to Grand Circus was similar to many of our students, which is to say, completely unique and…

Alumni Testimonials

Lhea J. Copeland

I always wanted to become a developer, a Black-Girls-Coder, a Women-in-Tech-programmer, because I love science and technology. I decided that it is time to be more than a user, more than a content creator. It’s time to build.

Lhea J. Copeland

Network Engineer

Rocket Mortgage

After Hours C# .NET Graduate

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