Remote Bootcamp: Live and Online

The health and safety of our students and community are most important to us. Our bootcamps will be fully remote until the COVID-19 virus has been controlled to a safe level at which point, we hope to bring everyone back in person. From one-on-one support to a full learning experience, our remote bootcamps provide the family vibes of our in-person model – all from the comfort of your living room. 

Your instructor, teaching assistants, program managers, and career services team are there for you in real-time.

You can expect all the rigor of an in-person bootcamp and the resources you’ll need to start your new career.


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Accountability & Friendship

At Grand Circus, we say when you’re here you’re family and we mean it. We live this core value in everything we do for our online bootcamps. Our team of amazing program managers are your go-to for anything bootcamp-related and plan a detailed schedule of activities designed to forge strong connections with your cohort, connect you to alumni, and have a little fun along the way.

Each bootcamp also has affinity groups around core topics that may affect your unique experience in bootcamp and the tech field. These groups are designed to create meaningful connection online, connect you to alumni, provide added resources to support your journey, and are just plain fun, too. 

  • Women’s Group, for female-identifying students
  • Common Ground, for people of color
  • Quiltbag, a LGBTQ+ affinity group
  • A Place and Some Space a mental  health peer support group
  • And more based on what students want and need

Dedicated Support

Get one-on-one support from instructors and teaching assistants. We’re only a Slack message away. We use the best remote instruction technologies out there to create a connection between you, the Grand Circus team, your classmates and employers. With break-out rooms, codealongs, and the ability to remotely identify and correct errors, we’re right here with you.

  • Facilitated affinity groups
  • 1:1 coaching and feedback sessions 
  • Alumni panels and networking 
  • Events to foster community
  • Coaching on time management and study strategies

Career Services Support

Students get both technical and soft skills training to help them successfully earn a career in tech. These skills coupled with their dedication and hard work has resulted in nearly 90% of our full-time graduates earning technical employment.

Navigating a new industry can be difficult; our career services team has crafted a learning approach that teaches students how to identify goals, research their options and find their competitive edge. This collaborative relationship between students and staff takes hustle and hard work; the process is proven to work when students work the process!

  • Soft-Skill Sessions
  • Resume reviews
  • Employer panels and networking 
  • Mock behavioral interviews
  • Mock technical interviews

Connect to Michigan’s largest network of hiring employers

Everything we do – from our rigorous coding classes to our career assistance coaching – is based on the relationships we have with Michigan’s tech community. We work with the region’s fastest-growing tech employers to help ensure that we’re training our students on the programming languages that are in the highest demand.

Whether you’re looking to find the career of your dreams at a small or large company, we can help! Our Employer Network is 300+ companies strong, and growing with each week. Graduates go on to work in a wide range of positions at companies of all sizes. 

How We're Supporting Our Communities With The Grand Circus Community Relief Scholarship

The Day to Day

What you can expect

Following a set weekly and daily schedule that we honed over years of offering bootcamps, you’ll have a mix of lectures to learn new concepts, then immediately put them into practice with individual and group exercises and discussions.

Full Time

Grand Circus Full Time Bootcamp Schedule


Review and Lab Demos

Instructor reviews ideas from the previous day and students demonstrate what they did from the previous day’s lab

Lecture and Demo

Instructor presents new concepts through slides, discussion, and demonstration of code


Instructor demonstrates code while students develop from the same example

Code Challenge

Instructor gives a small assignment and students work to solve it in a limited time, then compare answers


Students take a hands-on coding assessment, showing their mastery of recent concepts.

Lab Time

Students work individually or in groups on assigned labs. During this time, the instructor or teaching assistant may also do a breakout session for students who want additional coverage of the day’s topic or a recent topic.

Program Manager 1:1s

Students meet individually with the Program Manager to discuss their progress at specific points in the curriculum. They will also have 1:1s with the instructor separately.

Soft Skills

Presentation and activities with a Career Services Specialist to build students’ career skills and advance their career search.


A larger lab tying together the coding skills from the week

Find the Bootcamp for You

Learn more about our three language options: C# .NET, Java, and Front-End.

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REMOTE Free Intro to Coding Workshop with Grand Circus
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Women & Genderqueer in Tech: Bootcamp Scholarship Info Session with NCWIT
December 9 @ 12:00 pm 
Remote Free Intro to Coding Workshop with the Royal Oak Public Library
December 9 @ 6:30 pm 
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REMOTE Intro to Front-End Development Workshop
December 14 @ 6:00 pm 
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REMOTE Intro to Python
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REMOTE Intro to Python
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REMOTE Free Intro to Coding Workshop with Grand Circus
December 22 @ 6:00 pm