The Grand Circus Bootcamp Experience

Go ahead, be nosy. Our hearts are on Grant Chirpus' sleeve.

Alumni Insight

Christina Lee

The instructors were always available to answer questions whether it be during class, office hours or on Slack. There were several office hours available to students and we also had access to a vast network of alumni who were always willing to help out. I could not have asked for a better bootcamp experience, everyone at Grand Circus was so hands-on and wanted to see you flourish."
Christina's full story

— Christina Lee
Developer at jācapps

The Learning Experience

What’s it like on the inside? We’ll tell ya.


  • Daily 15-minute feedback sessions between classes and teachers.
  • Technical coding experience vs. theoretical.
  • Career-focused learning.
  • Project-based workload.

More Pros

  • Portfolio-building projects.
  • A supportive in-person learning environment.
  • Employer and alumni visits, events and panels.
  • One-on-one job assistance.

Bootcamp Coding Languages


This is an all-terrain. 4-wheel-drive coding language. It’s versatile and powerful. Businesses across the globe use and love .NET(C#), and so do businesses in Michigan.


Learn the adaptable JavaScript language, in order to build interactive web pages on the internet. This language is also used off the web for things like microwaves.

Front-End comes in part-time size, too. 


Google uses Java and so do 3 billion devices worldwide. It’s a friendly and cohesive language, ready to befriend all your web dev. dreams and turn them into reality.

Bootcamp Highlight: Demo Day

The last two weeks of every coding bootcamp are spent building a final project. This fully functional application is built from scratch by students, and showcased during our Demo Day. This event gives students the opportunity to present their final projects, meet with prospective employers and network with the tech community.

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