Income Share Agreements

Expanding Opportunity for Every Michigander

Grand Circus is partnering with Vemo Education to pioneer a new way to help make sure that every Michigander gets a fair shot at getting the skills needed to earn a sustainable income.

Access and Affordability

An ISA is a new, innovative way to help make a bootcamp at Grand Circus more affordable and accessible for every Michigander. It’s not a grant or a loan – it’s an opportunity to learn the skills needed in the new economy  – and only pay if you succeed. With an ISA, you make a fixed number of monthly payments, based as a percent of your income, and only if you’re making above the equivalent of a $40,000 salary.

Grand Circus Bootcamp candidates can be offered the opportunity to apply for an ISA through VEMO if they are not able to secure funding through CLIMB or SkillsFund, two other financing options for bootcamps at Grand Circus.

In order for bootcamp candidates to receive information about VEMO, s/he must have completed an application and in-person interview as well as passed the Unit 1: technical pre-work.

Why we're offering ISA's

We believe in the value we deliver for students. By offering ISAs, Grand Circus is committing itself to only getting paid if our graduates succeed. Our goal of equipping Michiganders with the skills to pursue economic opportunity and mobility led us to believe in the promise of ISAs. By launching an ISA program, we’re looking to make sure that everyone has access to well-paying jobs.

Getting Started

If you qualify, Grand Circus will refer you to our partner, Vemo Education. From there, you’ll receive an email to complete your ISA application. We’ll be notified once you’re approved.

ISA Key Terms

  • Income Share: The percentage of monthly income you will pay.
  • Payment Term: Number of monthly payments to fulfill to your ISA obligation.
  • Payment window: Maximum time window before your ISA obligation ends, even if you’ve paid less than the initial tuition amount, or nothing at all.
  • Payment Cap: Maximum amount you can pay. Reaching the payment cap ends your ISA obligation.
  • Minimum Income Threshold: Monthly income amount for which you don’t have to make a payment.