Building a Chatbot Using an API and NodeJS

November 10 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm

At Grand Circus Detroit

What is a Chatbot?
A chatbot (short for chat robot) is a computer program that maintains a conversation with a user in natural language, understands the intent of the user, and sends a response based on business rules and data of the organization.
Students will build a Chatbot using sentiment analysis to create an automated conversation.
We will be using Twilio API for messaging (used by uber, lyft and many of today's companies) and Node.js for back-end logic.

Tuition: $99


What will I learn?

Students should have:

  • Experience in Javascript
  • Conceptual understanding of APIs
Students will learn:
  • Basics of API integration
  • High-level understanding of Natural Language Processing (we will not be building our own NLP Algorithm)
  • Business applications of Chatbots
  • Basic concepts of Node.js

Featured Instructor: Darren Riley | Endeavor Detroit

As an Entrepreneur Selection & Growth Associate at Endeavor Detroit, Darren supports Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, by leading entrepreneurs through the Endeavor selection process,which enables entrepreneurs access to a global network of mentors and resources.

Upon graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Darren started his career in New York, as aCyber Security Consultant at Deloitte, where he advised clients on best practices as it pertains to protecting their information assets. After Deloitte, Darren joined Green Collar Foods, a DetroitAgTech startup, as the Director of Operations. There he developed and implemented a technical strategy to help augment growing efficiencies for owners and operators of indoor growing facilities.When not engaging in his passion towards supporting entrepreneurs, Darren can be found mentoring youth in tech or competing in some quality basketball pick-up.