Design Thinking for Business

May 30, 2017

At Grand Circus Detroit

While innovation is one of the most widely used buzz words today, it is often unclear as to how to achieve it. The good news is there are principles adopted from designers and engineers and a process that leads to innovation, which can be taught, called Design Thinking.

This course is designed to be highly engaging and participatory. Come with an open mind, prepared to learn, collaborate, work and play!

Come prepared to collaborate, learn and play! Participants will have explore each stage of the design thinking process, how it is integrated across disciplines and have the opportunity to put the new skill into practice in creatively-focused exercises.

Tuition: $50


What will I learn?

In this introductory crash course, you will learn how to apply new creative problem-solving skills to help you achieve breakthrough innovations in your everyday work, entrepreneurial venture, or multi-faceted company. Many forward-thinking organizations like Apple, Nike, & Proctor & Gamble as well as non-profit and government agencies are adopting design thinking methodologies to address complex business problems.
By the end of the workshop, you will have a general understanding of design thinking methods, principles and applications to various disciplines. Tap into their own creativity and leverage it to improve their work and put design principles into practice during the session.

Who should take this workshop?

  • Individuals and Entrepreneurs looking to build new skills, whether you want to create greater value within the workplace or discover unmet needs of your customers in your entrepreneurial venture
  • Teams and organizations looking for new ways to inspire your team or organization on coming up with fresh ideas, learn what it means to be innovative and work together towards more creative solutions
  • Professionals from any industry who are tasked with problem solving and are looking for new approaches to finding solutions

Featured Instructor: Terri Burch

Your instructor is Terri Burch - Business Design and Innovation Strategist. She has a MBA focused in Design Thinking, is a certified charrette practitioner by the National Charrette Institute where she was further trained in facilitation on community planning using design thinking methods and has a diverse background in business and creative disciplines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition: $50

The cost for this course is $50 & will cover all costs of the class

Dates: May 30th from 6 – 9p

Refund for Cancellation: An applicant requesting cancellation within three (3) business days after making an initial payment, but prior to seminar or workshop start date, is entitled to a refund of all tuition and fees paid with the exception of the non-refundable deposit (if applicable).

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required!

Materials to bring to class:

  • Notebook/pad of paper (if you prefer to write notes)


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