Agile Project Management Workshop

March 13 & 15 (Tuesday & Thursday)

At Grand Circus Detroit

Delivering projects in an iterative and incremental (aka agile) fashion is not some fly by night fad. As such, the approaches taken to managing today’s projects are different than traditional ones. This workshop aims to give people an understanding of different agile frameworks (Scrum and Kanban), project planning, estimation methods, forecasting techniques, what gives projects the best chance at success and how agile project management fits into all of this. This will be done through explanation, discussion, real-life examples and hands-on LEGO exercises. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of agile frameworks, ways to estimate/forecast and the mechanics of managing/facilitating agile projects.

Tuition: $75

What will I learn?

  • What a successful project looks like
  • What makes a project succeed (hint…communication, user involvement and small steps)
  • Who’s responsible for what
  • Why culture plays a key role


What are the similarities, and differences, between Scrum and Kanban? How, and when, does project planning occur? How do we estimate and forecast? Why do these frameworks give us the best chance of project success?


  • Grasp of the roles and mechanics of Scrum and Kanban
  • Techniques for estimating items
  • Approaches to forecasting
  • Project planning concepts
  • Understanding of what type of ecosystem offers the greatest chance of project success

Featured Instructor: Ryan McCann

Former waiter, car detailer, line worker, cemetery worker, intern, financial analyst, tech support rep, team lead, QA manager, Scrum Master and Product Owner. Current husband, father, school board member, community volunteer and agile coach.

Building trust and social capital…heady stuff…not easy…I do my best to help teams make this happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition: $75

The cost for this course is $75 & will cover all costs of the class

Dates: March 13 & 15 (Tuesday & Thursday) from 6 – 8pm

Refund for Cancellation: An applicant requesting cancellation within three (3) business days after making an initial payment, but prior to seminar or workshop start date, is entitled to a refund of all tuition and fees paid with the exception of the non-refundable deposit (if applicable).

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required!

Materials to bring to class:

  • Bring a laptop
  • Notebook/pad of paper
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