Salesforce Training Workshop

December 1 and December 8

At Grand Circus Detroit

This two- day workshop will provide an overview of Salesforce using real-world scenarios to understand an end-user perspective before diving into the path of becoming a Certified Salesforce Admin. The content will be a mix of Trailhead, class discussion, and real-world problems/demonstrations.

Class dates:
Saturday December 1st from 9:00am - 4:00pm (Part 1)
Saturday December 8th from 9:00am - 4:00pm (Part 2)

Tuition: $199


What will I learn?

  • Students will learn:
    • Why and how a business would uses Salesforce.
    • The value an end-user could get from using Salesforce, as well as a quick ‘how-to’ on using it.
    • Understand how to begin customizing and building on the platform, working towards Admin certification.
  • The overall goal of the workshop:
    • Provide enough context for someone to determine if they want to pursue additional training
    • To work towards Salesforce Certification
    • Show how Salesforce can benefit a business

This workshop is perfect for anyone that works with Salesforce and is looking for a better understanding of the power behind the software. It is a beginner class, so no prior knowledge of Salesforce is required. The ideal attendee would be someone who has heard of Salesforce but isn’t quite sure what it is and has some interest in data, systems, and development – though no coding experience is required.

Featured Instructor: Pete Schmitke

Graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Pete has always been focused on process and system development. His time as a Business Systems Analyst at a Fortune 500 company helped craft a business-first approach that he brings into his development. Working with the Salesforce cloud for over 5 years and achieving 9 Salesforce Certifications, Pete has been able to build a deep understanding of the platform. Whether it's diving into the technical specification of an integration, helping an end-user through their sales process, or anything in-between, Pete always brings a relational approach to help teach, equip, and empower clients to grow in their adoption and use of Salesforce.