Learn to code at Michigan’s leading coding bootcamp.

The health and safety of our students and community are most important to us.
Our bootcamps will be fully remote until the COVID-19 virus has been controlled to a safe level at which point, we hope to bring everyone back in person. From one-on-one support to a full learning experience, our remote bootcamps provide the family vibes of our in-person model - all from the comfort of your living room. 

If you want to launch a tech career, you’re in the right place.
Everything we do - from our rigorous coding classes to our career assistance coaching - is based on the relationships we have with Michigan’s tech community. We work with the region’s fastest-growing tech employers to help ensure that we’re training our students on the programming languages that are in the highest demand.

You’ll do more than learn to code. Our students pick up important problem solving, technical and soft skills to thrive in their new tech career.

Java Coding Bootcamp


Google uses Java to handle an average of 60,000 searches every second and it’s one of the most in-demand languages for employers in the U.S.

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Front-End Coding Bootcamp

Detroit Grand Rapids

JavaScript is highly adaptable and in addition to websites, it’s used in non-browser environments like cars and robots.                      

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C# .NET Coding Bootcamp

Detroit Grand Rapids

Companies like Quicken Loans, Fathead, United Shore and Domino’s Pizza are hungry for C# .NET programmers for enterprise development.

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C# .NET After-Hours Bootcamp

Detroit Grand Rapids

Learn this highly in demand back-end programming language - all while keeping your day job!

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Front-End After-Hours Coding Bootcamp

Detroit Grand Rapids

Continue your day job while you learn to code using JavaScript, along with a host of other programming tools and skills.

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Upcoming Application Deadlines

Mark your calendar for the bootcamp that works best for you.

Full-Time Bootcamp Application Deadlines:

April 20 – June 26, 2020; Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: March 20
Final Deadline: April 3

July 20 – September 25, 2020; Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: May 29
Final Deadline: June 12

October 12 – December 18, 2020; Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: August 21
Final Deadline: September 4

After-Hours Bootcamp Application Deadlines:

April 13 – September 25, 2020; Mon, Weds, Thurs
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: March 13
Final Deadline: March 27

July 6 – December 18, 2020; Mon, Weds, Thurs
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: May 15
Final Deadline: May 29

October 12 – March 26, 2021; Mon, Weds, Thurs
Early Application Deadline, save $1,000: August 21
Final Deadline: September 6


Student Outcomes

Read our Student Stories page for alumni insights on everything from applying, to the bootcamp experience to their new careers.

Landall Proctor

“I can't say enough about the support provided by the entire Grand Circus staff … From resume support, mock interviews … to tough love and pep talks, they are there to help you succeed.”

— Landall Proctor
Web Developer at DTE Energy

Why Our Students Succeed

Our Philosophy

We provide individualized support and coach our students through the learning process. We are invested in your success and we believe our high graduation and employment rates are a direct result of this philosophy.

Career-readiness Strategy

We help our students develop their interview chops, as well as the soft skills they need to thrive in an IT career long term. We also introduce them to employers that want to hire Grand Circus graduates throughout Michigan. You can learn more about how we get you career-ready here.

Diversity Matters

There’s a lot of talk about diversity in tech, yet only 10% of tech positions in the U.S. are held by minorities. We embrace diversity as the best way to ensure the health of any organization so our classrooms are considerably diverse with 39% female students and 37% people of color – and we’re thrilled that these numbers are on the rise.