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Get the skills and support you need to break into tech with Career Services, Coaching & Mentorship.

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When you jumpstart your career change with a Grand Circus bootcamp, you won’t face that journey alone. With the help of our Career Services team, 90% of our graduates land a job in tech.

With help from Career Services, you’ll identify your goals, practice one-on-one interviews for tech jobs, learn to market yourself and your skills, and nail your new career launch.

What Does Our Career Coaching Include?

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Many students struggle with thoughts like “I don’t belong here” and “I’ll never be a good enough developer.” The truth is this: even the most experienced professionals battle imposter syndrome. We’ll help you identify self-doubt and find ways to overcome it. 

You’ll also learn to give and receive constructive feedback, a crucial skill for continuing to grow in your career.

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Whether you’re a graduating bootcamp student or a seasoned professional, interviewing can be scary. The trick to moving past the fear is simple, though: practice and preparation.

Through several interview prep sessions, your career coach will train you to succeed in behavioral and technical interviews that employers use. You’ll receive coaching from our team through a series of mock interviews.

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What are hiring managers looking for in a junior hire? Professionalism.

Sometimes, small details make the difference when you’re trying to make a great impression. You’ll work directly with our team to polish your in-person and digital presence, setting you up for success in your job search.

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You can’t find your dream job without knowing what’s out there. Together, we’ll explore the career options available. Understanding the options will help you set career goals and stay motivated as you pursue that dream job.


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Mentors to Help You Succeed

Grand Circus bootcamps offer three different kinds of mentorship for you. As a bootcamp student, you get access to a variety of engaged and dedicated mentors who want to help you succeed.

Alumni Mentors

Tapping our network of 1,700+ alumni, we’ve put together a diverse group of passionate alumni mentors who want to help you throughout and after bootcamp. Our alumni understand bootcamp life and what it’s like to make the career change to tech. 

The dedicated mentors can provide study tips, best practices for a successful job search, and help to build your network while in bootcamp.

Employer Mentors

Our hiring network is 350+ strong. We invite professionals across disciplines to offer career advice, help you grow your network, and show you how to prepare for the first interview and the job, all in your virtual classroom.

Technical Mentors / Code Coaches

Our teaching assistants are here to help you with any technical roadblocks. With dedicated hours, technical mentors stand ready to help you with any course material throughout bootcamp.

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