Bootcamp Readiness Workshops

Get a jump-start with one of our Bootcamp Readiness Workshops.

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Begin your career transition with hands-on, coding workshops. Start for free with Intro to Coding. Beginners, this one is for you!

Get live, hands-on help from instructors who know exactly what you’re going through.

  • Sync up with instructors on LinkedIn
  • Meet newcomers just like you
  • Every workshop is led by Grand Circus alumni; ask them questions and hear their stories
  • As a Grand Circus student, you’ll learn by doing: like our bootcamps, our workshops offer the opportunity to learn while you build a functional code!

What to Expect From Virtual Bootcamp Readiness Workshops

You can be a developer. Overcome the feelings that tell you otherwise

Tech isn’t just for people who’ve been coding since they were kids. No matter your age, experience, background, or technical know-how, we believe tech is a learnable skill. We believe in creating wealth and equity for individuals and communities, through learning to code. Get in here and get coding! 

Dedicated, live support!

Instructors are trained in providing support in online, live settings. They’re ready to help you really learn to code-we know how annoying self-paced work can get!

Instructors are all professional developers, who took a Grand Circus bootcamp. They’ll share their personal stories with you, and you’re free to ask them questions about the transition! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need a computer, an Internet connection (e.g. WiFi), the Zoom app/software for video conferencing, a web browser such as Chrome, a quiet spot, you, yourself, and your eagerness to learn. That’s all!

We assume that you already know how to open a web browser and do basic Google searches to find content and that you’ve used a mobile phone or played video games before. We do not expect you to have a programming degree or have read any books about programming.

  1. Get a ticket for the workshop through Eventbrite
  2. Watch your email for a “Join Now” link roughly 25 minutes before class
  3. Open a browser window
  4. Click “Join Now”
  5. Turn on your camera, watch, and play along with the instructor!

Your instructors will be sharing their screen and leading you through a slide deck of instructions and information about programming. They will show you how to create or modify code and then have you practice along at home. Before we get started, we might do an ice-breaker or two so everybody can get to know each other!

For those who attend the workshop, you’ll be emailed the content and follow-up learning suggestions shortly after the workshop concludes. Take some time on your own after class to redo and review the lessons learned. We’ll also give you some optional homework that you can try your hand at.

First off, you’re a rock star! Let’s keep that momentum going — the next step is to apply for a bootcamp. What are you waiting for?

Our Admissions Team would be happy to answer any questions you have. You can email them through our Contact Us form, or schedule a 15-minute Zoom chat with them.


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